This article can be considered as my tribute to all those people who have been the victims of hypocritical behaviour and double standards of the community that we live in. Something that no one seems to talk about. I would request every reader to kindly be liberal enough to read out my complete article before forming any opinions. A small yet quite a representative part of the society of the modern era is the “METRO”! On my very brief yet considerably frequent experiences in the transportation service which unarguably is the lifeline of the working class of the city, the characteristic that I couldn’t help but notice was the use of stickers all over the train. Stickers having different colours, fonts and illustrations are definitely something that gain attention even unintentionally and I must say are quite descriptive and direct in the way they lay down the instructions and guidelines.

On my latest visit, a sudden urge instigated in me to think about all the politics that goes on inside the coaches of the express when a young girl quite arrogantly asked a man who looked quite exhausted (probably from his long day at work!) to get up just because he was sitting in a seat labelled as “FOR WOMEN!”. I mean the arrogance and audacity of that girl to ask an elderly man to get up just because of the aforementioned fact.

I am an engineering student and saying that being so has given me a different way of looking at things will be no exaggeration, hence I decided to utilize the rest of my journey to ponder upon the coach’s seating plan. Here’s all the data I could gather in the minimal time I had:

  1. First things first, the classification done (What I gathered) by the authorities of the Delhi metro are:
  • Senior Citizens (You just have to look old, no proof required!!)
  • Old or Physically Challenged (Also includes Senior Citizens.)
  • Ladies (Young or Old.)
  • Others (which I think should include children, teenage boys, men!)
    Will Namma Metro stop traffic jams? Namma Metro train passing MG Road as part of test run in Bangalore on Thursday. --KPN
  1. A metro train has generally 6 coaches. Only a few metros have 8 coaches. For simplification, I’ll use the example of 6-coach metro only.
  2. As frequently narrated by the prompter, the first coach in the moving direction of the metro is reserved for women. OK.
  3. Secondly, seats are only partitioned in numbers of 2 or 7.
  4. One side of the metro coach has seats as: 2+7+7+7+2=25; Double that to get the total seats in one coach i.e. 50 seats.
  5. Therefore, total seats in a 6 coach metro is 300. For an 8-coach metro it’s 400. OK.
  6. The interesting part starts now, here’s the so called reservation of seats on one side of the metro:
  • The first two seats are reserved for ladies. Therefore, total seats for the everyone (which includes ladies also) is 300-50= 250 in the five coaches left. So all of my calculations will be based of 250 seats.
  • The next 2 out of 7 seats are reserved for old/ physically challenged.
  • The next 2 out of 7 seats are reserved for ladies.
  • The next 2 out of 7 seats are reserved for old/ physically challenged.
  • The last two seats are reserved for ladies.
  • The other side has the similar trend except the interchange of “LADIES ONLY” and “OLD OR PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED” stickers.
  • So let’s get down to the math of this, out of 25 seats on one side of a coach 10 are reserved. Hence, 20 seats are reserved out of the 50 in a single coach, which implies a total of a 100 seats in 5 coaches with a total of 250 seats.
  • Hence a total of 100 + 50(for women) = 150 seats are reserved out of 300 seats.
  1. Now, you might say that a 50-50 percentage is not bad number to get along with, but one also needs to understand that the category of “Others” is a versatile category. It includes all of the reserved categories plus the men, children and the teenage boys (which have a major part in the nation’s population percentage!).
  2. Hence, if we equally distribute the seats in the “Others” category to all the categories recognised, a male adult or a teenage boy will be entitled to 25% of 150 seats= 37.5 seats!! out of 300 seats in the entire train. The funny part being that even after so much one can easily spot a yellow sticker illustrating a pregnant lady holding the hand of her other child stating “Offer this seat to someone who needs it more than you do!!” And in my honest opinion, I think that the younger people (even girls but primarily male sex!) doesn’t leave a chance of accomplishing so!!
  3. Now the following are the points that I want to make by writing all this:
  • NO! I don’t think that the men are asking for more seats. All they are asking for is a little more humility.
  • I am not blaming women about all this. I’ve even seen girls opting to stand up just because they don’t want to consume a seat unnecessarily.
  • Phew! Everyone gets tired, even men!! Some people need to consider that.
  • Of course, I would give my seat to an elderly person without a second thought. But what’s heartening to know is that some older people would not tolerate being called UNCLE at places they consider are important for their reputation (Abhi toh main Javan hu!!) but in the Metro, nobody seems to showcase their fitness level. Hypocrisy at its peak!

(Reminds me of the guy who serves us Dal in our mess, He won’t serve me unless I call him Bhaiya!)

I’ll sum it up by quoting something that happened to me:

An incident where my cousin sister remarked “Girls are expected to be good at household work, I’m not saying that you don’t help but it’s the stereotype!”

Similarly, let’s consider something hypothetical: If some elderly person encounters a situation where he/she is supposed to choose whether he/she should ask a male or a female teenager to get up, whom would he/she turn to? The answer is simple – The guy not the girl!! Now isn’t this stereotyping! Why the guy and not the girl?? Because men are physically strong, that’s it?? Come on!! It’s no wrestling standing up in the metro where physical strength plays any role!

It’s called BASIC COURTESY!!

I hope you enjoyed the article! And I hope that girls also read this, probably will do some good.

FYI, I never sit in a metro!! At least not until now!!

Feedback is highly appreciated! Comment below to let me know!!