LIFE LESSONS 2017- by Jemmie

By- Jemmie Malavika


It’s been an ironic year which is about to end in some finite hours yet I couldn’t categorize whether it’s a happy or a sad one, good or the worst one! Despite this chaos, the year 2017 has not forget to leave blushes, scars and lessons to be learnt and followed in the subsequent years with the greatest lesson learnt when a girl decides to leave her parents and hometown with the trust of the beloved and the pursuation of passion and the deadliest pain she undergoes when both fail in their way they are meant to be! – IT WAS AN EMOTIONALLY CHALLENGED 2017



It was indeed heartbreaking to depart from those people who gave you the essence of your first college life. The phase that we enter a typical mature level, the college life , ahead of schooling, the everyday colour dress from the mainstream school pinafore, the preoccupied last benches, too many tour plans with gangs yet executed none (The Goa plan especially which I think our great grand children will execute), the heartbreaking ego fights between close friends, the hindrance of irritating exams among the already existing problems, the always improper attendance, the realization of what life is by seeing our passed out seniors who once remained a popular figure in the college but now struggle with their walk of life to earn apromising career and aworthful penny! The beginning of college life stimulates us to get more friends to bind relationships, but the ending shows who the real ones are and the phase of farewell is the period where the factors of parents, financial status and career gets clear vision out of its blurred state creating a frightful excitement within. It was hard to get out of the engulfed sorrow of moving away from those special friends who with their weird laughs broke the ribs out of too much laugher. Yeah…Months have gone, still I am missing them.



The greatest mistake I had done after my UG was that I chose a path that’s completely out of my domain. I entered a new college for my post graduation, a new major, cross major and oh…Where did it go wrong? Yet I could not get. But what life taught was, to always go for something that is reachable, not extremely expensive and most important of all, possibly attainable. I should have aimed for something that would make me feel content. I should have aimed for a course that would provide me a satisfactory workplace and a good salary. But wrongly, I aimed for the moon. I wished for something that would take me to a whole new level in life, a lavish life, a fantasy that destroyed half of my self, self love, self respect, family’s trust on me, my parents’ delicate heart, Yeah, there is not a single thing that I did not break. Life at a young age has taught me that the ultimate result of greed for anything is vain. But yeah, I have accepted my failure. The psychopath in me made me stay numb for few days. Thanks to my parents who helped me join in a new college despite my mind wars to do my masters degree in the course which I pursed for my UG. Literature! That has helped me to know of the crisp of life, making me an assistant writer, for who I am now! The proud Ms. Little Litt.



Strongly I could say that Love would be one of the major themes of our life lessons of 2017 and it is of the same case with me. It is not true that distance creates division in a relationship and closeness binds everything together. It is not love when most of the emotions and feelings are one – sided. In love, sex is not the ultimate lust but being devoted and involved is! Everybody wants to be loved back and treated with respect. To all those boyfriends who spend only their spare time and free time on your beloved, note yo boys! You are creating gap and teaching her to live without your presence. If you want her in your life to be your next mother as your wife, treat her the way she is deserved to be, express your love, show her the bliss of life. She might be the Princess to her family and not for a day her mother or father would want her to give to someone who makes her cry to sleep. She considers you as a man and if you make her cry, you appear a silly boy who creates fake promises to create moments’ joy. Show in action. She has a dozen of male friends, a school of girl friends, promising parents to wipe her tears when she is not okay but if she neglects every one of them and comes to you and you break her more, it is not she whom should be ashamed.If you want her, priotize her. Make her feel it. You ought to. If you don’t, somebody else will.



Everybody at a point in their life would have felt the need to stay away without being questioned. I too wished for that . I received that pleasure along with a sorrowful margin to be followed and drawn in every page of my hostel life. I admit that after I moved to a new place, I got to know the value of parents’ presence more and more. Diagnosed with the disease of homesick, I cried many nights. My pillow would have counted the ‘n’ many tears I dropped on it most nights before sleep. I should really thank myself for choosing a different path, for if this moving away sector had not happened, I would not learnt to love my parents this much. They made me understand that they are my real unbreakable eternal relationship who would be ready to embrace me even if I am accused with a thousand sins on my judgement day. In this world where the pictures of Kohli and Anushka’s marriage photos circulate with the caption ‘Couple Goals’ , I witness the REAL COUPLE GOALS on seeing my parents. The way my dad cares for my mother, his silent tears when she falls sick, the involvement my mother possesses to cook my dad’s favourite food. Yeah… COUPLE GOALS!


I remember the poem that I wrote as the last article for 2016, an article in which I thanked my SELF and 7tint for turning me a writer and it is indeed obvious and happy to always be a part of 7tint.

Dear 7tint,

The space you have given is not just to write, but to let out my emotions, writing skills and expression of life to myself and to the world. Thank you for striking my mind often to remind me to produce a fruitful baby as a result of my thought orgasm. The bliss I get whenever any of my article gets published, I feel like a kid who receives her favorite doll from her parents. It is a blessing to have you for you have been my human diary since September 2016 and I will enrich your world with my words until I leave this planet. Thank you, 7tint Team. Love you 😊

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