The year is coming to an end and I can’t decide if 2017 has been the best or the worst one. Whatever it is, the truth is that this year has taught me many things and gave me memories which I can’t forget anytime soon unless I lose my memory.
1. The start of something new!
I’ve started my YouTube channel which I’ve been wanting to do since quite sometime. The fear of starting something new which you have no idea about is itself an adventure and the high I felt when I finally uploaded my video was something which I cannot explain. It may be just a channel for many but, for me, it’s nothing less than an accomplishment. So, what’s your start of something new?
2. Goals
I finally listed out the things I want to do before 24! I might not complete all of them but I at least started ticking some off. Try doing it. You feel alive.
3. Experience the firsts 
Attending a concert and a floating lantern festival are two things I’ve been dreaming about since childhood. I finally did them and I couldn’t be anymore happier! I even experienced my first ever celebrity interview. Those moments I say!
4. Pain of losing people
Death is a disaster. When you lose someone every equation with people in your family changes and you have to make peace with it. It’s tough but life must go on.
5. To never stop doing something you love
I love writing and it has become a very important part of my life now. 7tint has given me the space where I can express my thoughts. Besides, it has given me the friends like family. Yes, we are a crazy family and I’m not exaggerating. You should checkout our chats sometime 😛
6. Spending quality time with loved ones
One thing which gave me satisfaction is the times I spent laughing and dancing around the people I love. You never know what happens in the next minute. So, why not make every moment worth remembering with a smile?
7. Never stop dreaming. 
No matter what year it is, I have learnt to never stop dreaming. Who knows what your stars are upto?
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