January 2017,
Hey man. It has been a really long time since we have seen each other, a total of 363 days in exact. While a lot had happened in this world since you brought in a new year, there has been a lot that has transpired in this one particular life.
I could remember his excitement when you came along with the hopes of being a better year, for our ancestors had started being rude on him. He spent the first hours with you in a completely different city and with happiness in his heart. He cared less about the world when he was with you, and the entire month you brought along.
As he encountered our cousins, it started to feel that our ancestors tradition that had started for a while finally dependent with your inception. Remember May? Our very own little girl became a wrathful lady in his life. She started off in a peaceful manner, but sucked out the very essence of love out of his life till the time the gruesome June arrived, and she was no better. Some of the people who became his hiding barracks left for their own nomadic treasuries, and he started to lead a life of partial isolation.
The real havoc, though, was staged by the very month that defines his arrival on this earth, and I have never seen Brother August being so harsh. What could have been a great way to bring in an important phase of adult life, brought along the misery of isolation and scars that had yet to be healed as he approaches me now. It was expected from the me and my Ember Brothers to be the mean phases as we had always been, and now he ends the year with me handling all his depressive phases and him rejecting them forcefully.
Let’s be honest, it had to happen. A lot of happiness he started to bundle around him wore masks of selfishness and absurdity, and somehow we had to ensure to making him as immune as vibranium. Alas, we both forgot that even vibranium can be ruptured now and even though we tried hard to settle him down, the scars he received were some of the ones that sent him into a state of shock. What started off as a shock departure of people whom he had always considered his lifelines culminated into a long and depressing phase of a lover. But then it was a lot of people abandoning him that slowly made him heartless, even though he tries to this day to bring back people but all in vain. He finds happiness in small pods of moments and then as they run out of time, he sleeps back into his endless dimensions of gloominess. And to be honest, I can’t see his state.
What can we do now? We can’t revert back into his life. The people that abandoned him won’t return even if we did. They left him to make him the way he is. They won’t realize for now, but I really wish the moment they realize the sin they have committed would be the same moment similar things start to happen with them. They should also feel the brunt of what they had left into him. As for the little fellow, I wish that our younger ones stay nicer to him and he finally pulls himself out of these dark trenches.
In high hopes,