Hello reader!!!

For your information,
I am seventeen years old(“young!”).

2016 was  a MAJOR CHANGE.

I grew up from a ‘school’ student to a totally weird ‘college’ student this year.
2016 was expected to sort my life but instead it messed up my life.

“Those struggling fights,
then sobbing at nights!”
This describes the beginning of 2016.Exam after exam. Torture at its best. It was the end of my 12th (OMG!I miss my school so much! To be precise,I actually miss my school friends so much! Also,PCM were my subjects.) and there were a lot of exams : “SPLITS”, “PRE-BOARDS”, “BOARDS”… I somehow went through with them and scored quite well. (I got 86 percent. Good, isn’t it? I don’t know!)

“I can rest now…And I can finally battle in Clash of Clans!!!
Reality: I wasn’t even able to train a troop!
I was thrown out of the house with my back-pack and guess what?! I was sent to some institute to do a “Crash Course” when I actually wanted to sleep so bad during those lectures and I was asleep for half of those chemistry lectures! Please don’t tell Ma and Papa.

I had to give various entrance exams for different colleges.
I took admission in a college in Punjab.
Things weren’t easy even after crossing this river!
But whatever I learnt in 2016 is helpful to solve the problems which knock on my door on a daily basis as I am a magnet for problems.

Here’s a piece of my cake for you, ‘the reader’, which I have been baking this year….

Lesson #1
Open the door when opportunity  knocks. Don’t be afraid. Otherwise, you might regret it later.

I was teamed up with five other girls to perform street dance two months back. I love dancing.  Not every dance type is your type. Well,  my type is quite  different (BREAK, totally love it!) and there was not a single group having even a single girl performing in it. In my group, I was obviously not any good and I was positioned at the back in dance forms.

It was break time in practice and everyone was goofing around. The music was still on. I wasn’t tired so I was just dancing the way I loved to. I didn’t notice that all of those aliens  were staring at me. They liked it. They requested me to perform alone in the center for one portion of the song. I was scared that I would freeze. They asked me around ten times and guess what? This stupid girl denied!! So,this girl stayed at the back and ruined the opportunity completely.

The results were declared. We were not in the list. The team of boys who performed break dance won the competition. (It was painful as I could’ve performed every step they did!).

Lesson #2:
You don’t always get what you want. It’s always better to seek happiness in what you get.

“I won’t ever go to this college”! I remember my words but here I am! And yes, I am quite happy. My parents couldn’t  afford to send me to a better college (which I now know, would have hardly made any difference) and I couldn’t get into the best ones. (*sighs*)

It was hard at first but it doesn’t matter now. I find my college good now. I love my new friends. I like the teachers. I am happy and my parents are happy too. This is what matters! Isn’t it?

Lesson #3:
One needs to adjust, you can not revolt every time.

Our hostel room is a four-seater room (Yes,it’s not a car. It’s  a room!!). Two of my roommates are from Punjab and they are totally ‘Punjabi Jattis’. They were best friends and still are. My third roommate is my childhood friend. (We parted ways when I changed school). Well, our choices don’t match (Our morals are quite similar though!). Two of us and two of them, that’s how it started!

They used to play ancient traditional Punjabi music at very high volumes (which we called “tractor songs”, not to offend you reader but if you heard them, you would feel the same way!). It was very disturbing. Also, their voices were too loud. They tried not to talk while we studied (maybe), but they couldn’t control themselves and they often ended up engaging us as well. It was very difficult for us to study or to sleep. But after so many fights, we learned  to adjust with them and they learned to adjust with us.

And readers, here’s the most important lesson: Love yourself.
Respect yourself and love yourself more than anyone  else!

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