‘Happy new year, bandar! I am the first one to wish you no?’
‘Yes, bhaloo. You are the first one. Just like every single year.’
‘Aww, so sweet, You are my best friend bandar. I wish you will never face any kind of pain this year. And don’t even dare to give this much importance to anyone ever.’
‘Thank you, bhaloo. I can never give this much importance to anyone I promise. You are my best friend too. will we remain best friends all are life bhaloo?’
‘Even after that, you stupid bandar!’ ❤
 Few moments later…
‘It’s 4 o’clock, we spent first four hours of 2017 talking to each other.’
‘thats so sweet.’
‘can we make that few more hours?’
They didnt realized when they both slept, who says staying at home isn’t as thrilling as late night parties?
They were best freinds. They were family. They had the strongest bond.
But “nothing lasts forever…
Misconceptions played their role, self respect destroyed yet another pure relation…
Mistakes were taken a bit too seriously. Words became pointed & sharp.
Efforts were ignored.
Her chubby face became more chubbier.
Accounts were blocked.
Replacements were found.
But still, Hoping, as “nothing lasts forever…
He still sleeps with the soft toy she gave him on his birthday.
He still hugs that pikachu soft toy as tight as possible.
He still have all those rakhis that she tied him.
He still have all those birthday cards, he still have all her chats and voice messages.
He still listens to her voice every single night.
He is just too weak, to delete them.
He still picks up his phone everytime it vibrates, hoping that one day she will melt, and will realize all his efforts.
He still hopes that he will get a message on this new year.
Which will say,
‘Happy new year, bandar! I am the first one to wish you no?’
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