Life Lessons, eh?

As the saying goes, the best teacher is experience. And as any other year, 2017 gave so much of it. Good, bad; happy, sad…so many moments have now turned into memories.

Four years of Engineering finally came to an end. And it was time to make a decision. What next?

Job, higher studies? If so, which one?

And I learnt that sometimes just going with your intuition might be the best decision.

  1. My whole UG life, I spent being depressed and lonely and I always blamed others for that. But PG made me realise that I was at fault too. I learned to interact, to open up, to trust; trust myself and also others.

I learned the value of friendship, the value of affection.

I found that people are never always what they seem. And if you let go of your prejudices and expectations, you will always be surprised at what you’ll find.

Another important lesson that 2017 taught me that it is not necessary that you have to there for everyone at all times. And always, give yourself priority over everyone else.

2017 made me stronger and more positive.

I feel I have grown so much as a person this year and for that I’m really grateful to 2017.

2017 gave me 7tint, which I will always hold as one of my most treasured memories.

I hope 2018 is just as kind. I’m waiting, 2018. Bring it on!!





To my dearest 7tint,


You are not just a channel to express my thoughts, you are so much more than that. You made me a better writer, a better observer and most importantly, a better person. Through you, I met so many amazing, wonderful people. Some of them have now become my closest friends. Thank you very much and I hope I make you proud someday.