When I was told to write about the year that was, I thought of all the nice things I had to say. Frankly, 2017 has treated me fairly well. Oh, what am I saying! 2017 has been kinder to me than many, many years combined. But to boast about the things that have happened would seem too superficial. Someone told me that all the momentary happiness and sadness we feel are only experiences we can learn out of. Quoting them would be foolish. Stating what they’ve taught me, on the other hand, would be sort of productive.

I’ll be really honest. At first, I had no idea what to write about. Moments later, I knew what I had to write. But the thoughts were all here and there, placed randomly across the corners of my mind. Most of them, I didn’t know existed. Either ways, as I sit to write what I’m supposed to, there are exactly two things going on in my mind right now- I’m writing this more for myself than for anyone else. Also, I hope I don’t bore you to sleep. With my fingers crossed, I continue…

2017 has been about the most basic of life lessons for me. You’d think I’m being preachy and pretentious, but, you’d be surprised to know that this year I found out that whatever people have been trying to tell me all over the years – in complicated sentences and in words I couldn’t decipher, were all in-fact the life lessons I needed. The life lessons I had to live through to know their worth…

  1. Don’t let anything define you. For years, I’ve struggled with issues. Self-loathing has been a part and parcel of most days I’ve lived. But of late I’ve actually figured that none of the things that I do, none of the things I have been or aspire to be can truly define me. What I consider true about myself have only been judgements and opinions passed by others or formed by my own mind, a habit cultivated out of over-thinking everything. I’ve come to believe that my actions, my words, my impulses- all change with time. The tags that people associate with my body image, my personality, my character traits are all subjective. Who I truly am and what I truly should be is something only I get to decide and not a single other person has a right to decide that!
  2. It’s okay to be a little confused. Frankly, all of us are driven by our goals in life. As someone who’s pretty fickle-minded, it’s always been a huge task to set my mind on a particular goal. Also, as someone who’s not easily motivated and is unfortunately a little too lazy, confusion always takes the center stage in my life. I’ve figured that most of us don’t know what we’re doing and where we’re going in life. We float through days like they’re liquid and watch our lives melt. But deep down, there’s always something we’re passionate about; the one thing that gives us sleepless nights; the one dream that stings us hard everytime we see someone else living theirs. Maybe that’s what a goal is all about- scaring you the most. And I know, even if I don’t admit, what mine is and I keep it to myself, knowing every little thing I do, must somehow lead me to where I want to be. It wrecks my days and nights knowing I’m not close but on most days, I believe I breathe knowing I need to get there.
  3. Cut out all the negativity. This year I learned that it takes a truckload of courage to admit you don’t need someone in your life. Cutting negative people out isn’t easy but it is necessary. Accepting the fact that someone who was once a vital part of your life isn’t so anymore; that their influence in your life can bring no good can be really hard. But that’s something you need to learn and do. Sometimes, the people closest to you can feel the most distant. It works the other way round as well. Knowing that you’ve people- be it family or certain friends, whom you can count on on the worst of days, is in itself a blessing. And to turn to them, when life is being a little too harsh on you is okay. There are genuine people out there looking out for you, even if you don’t know it just yet. If you need help, just seek.
  4. Inspiration can come in any form. When it comes to being creative, each one of us craves for inspiration. Be open to the fact that inspiration can come from basically any place. Even when you aren’t looking for it. Be it a book, a song or maybe, even a person, if something or someone inspires you, do not let it go. Do not let what people think is too ‘mainstream’ for their tastes, bother you. Do not let misconceptions and prejudices bother your art. Your art should come from within. And the source that it’s derived from, should be something you personally connect with. Closed minds hardly ever create wonders.
  5. It’s okay to want more of what makes you happy. Hold on to anything or anyone who puts a smile on your face. Do not second guess your happiness. It’s okay to feel good, to live in the moment and to admit that you’re happy. Don’t let the harsh realities of life take away the best memories you could’ve made. Do not let the negative vibes drown you. It’s okay to love yourself for a change. It’s okay to be completely yourself for at-least a few moments in life. Do not let others judge you in those moments. They belong completely to you and it’s up-to you to live them to the fullest. Life is seldom this kind to you. Bask in the moment for as long as it lasts. And return the favor. Let others live their lives this way too. For a change.

This year has mostly been about accepting life for what it is. More importantly about accepting myself for what I am and who I am. I am not quite there yet and I don’t know if I’ll ever be. But at-least I know I’m headed the right way. I don’t know what the next year has in store for me, but I do know one thing- that everything that comes my way, I’ll face it. I’ll face it head on with all that I’ve learned and even if I fail sometimes, I know I’ll have learned a lot more. Goodbye, 2017. I’m grateful for you. Honestly!