Nandu is 8years old…the only love and interest he has is to have a dog as his pet.


So one day, he went to his father and asked him to buy a dog for him such that he can love it and enjoy its company.


Hearing to his son’s wish, He went out in search of a dog but at the end of the day he returned back home with empty hands..Nandu got fully depressed by this.


The other day he went to his father and asked him to get at least a street dog. Even on that the day father experienced the same result. By this Nandu felt low.


The next day Nandu thought to find the dog by himself. He started roaming in the streets rigorously but it goes in vain.


Nandu moved back to his home. Then suddenly he heard dogs bark ‘Bow Bow’..

listening to this sound his legs spontaneously ran towards the dog with heart full of happiness..


Finally he got his one..he found his dog.. His happiness rolled out in the form of tears.

Along with the dog there was an old man,Nandu asked would he give that to him then, old man agreed to give it for some amount..Nandu paid the amount and got the dog. When Nandu is going away with the dog the old man thought to inform something about the dog to him..


Without listening to him he moved away..

Finally Nandu reached his home with his love..and informed to everyone happily about his dog..Then his father asked him where did you get the dog from… Hearing to Nandu’s answer Father started laughing wildly..



Nandu asked him..what would be such fun about his dog that made him laugh..

His father said.. When I was in search of a dog for you on my way i saw this dog with an old man, having known that it is blind and deaf i moved away from there..but unfortunately you kiddy boy bought that to home…


Listening to this Nandu smiled and said..Father! It may be blind and is my love.. i love him..


Father at first confused to his son’s reply but later realized how his son is happy and satisfied with his love…and learnt much more from his son that how to love someone whole heartily.



Dear friends..Love never be true, fake, blind, deaf and handicapped…because it is love and it is an everlasting!


The person with heart full of love will find it every where and in every thing…..and once when they get their love, it remains love regardless of their physic and status and there will be no ups and downs just Smoothness called Love…


Spread Love°°°



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