I met life yesterday in the garden while sipping coffee, where I could not keep my eyes off a plant which was trying hard to find space between the weeds that in every possible way refused to let plant grow. But, did the plant succumb? No, it did not. It knew that it had strong roots, to rely on. It knew that the fresh air will keep it alive.Though I was all lost in my thoughts, in that moment, I heard my mother’s footsteps. She came over with a mug of water for the same plant. And so, it knew that it is good enough for this world.  

       I met life yesterday at the traffic signal, under the bridge where I could see a bunch of kids in their

Blue and white uniforms scuttling in mud, all the white turning into dark browns. But did the kids fear repercussions that they might face later at home? No, they did not. The joy of having fun at the very moment mattered more.

       I met life yesterday, on the river side where I could see people dirtying in all all possible ways. But did the river retort back? No, it did not. What it did was still flow, still move, leaving all the baggage behind it, towards a new destination.