Mime and Mirch


According to Stuart Hall, Cultural studies shifts its view from time to time. In the book ‘Black Man’s Burden’, the author doesn’t want his race, identity to affect his work. He speaks in a futuristic perspective where he concentrates on idea of politics to be positive. Diversity disrupts the interaction between masses.

Marxism focuses on inequality and exploitation, but very few agree with this arrangement. The Culture is to be learned, unlearned and relearned.

Cultural studies give us a broad view. We go to know varied perspective like that of Marxist, Functionalist or Feminist.

Cultural studies also include class and identity.  Gender also plays a very important role that fights back against dominant patriarchal ideologies. This leads to a breakdown of indoctrinated social perspective.

Mumbai’s well known hotel “Mime and Mirch” is one such real life example where they have given jobs to disabled people. This breaks down the stereotypes with regards to working with the disabled. The customers gain different experience here where they have to use sign language to make their orders. This has conducted to change of ideology of many along with an authentic experience of them.

We as Indians or people living in area like Mumbai, where diversity is seen, we add this  diversity in terms of food in our menu but refuses to add it in our everyday living.  This acceptance is only seen in certain marked areas while in other areas borders are seen which must be demarcated to erase such man made boundaries.