Pores have been the all-time skin problem of all women and definitely everyone tries a whole lot of different types of home remedies and new skin products to keep those nasty pores clean to get the flawless, baby soft skin we all want for our whole life. Here are some of the tips which might help to keep those pores clean and to reduce them.

  • Keep it Clean-

Empty pores are less visible than the filled ones. When these empty and open pores are filled with oil and dead skin cells they turn up into those nasty blackheads and these blackheads are visible. A daily routine morning and evening cleansing will definitely remove oil, makeup and the dirt built up in the skin. To get a proper cleaning start with the good cleanser which suits your skin after that follow up by sweeping with a toner over your face with a cotton to remove any dirt residues left. You can even try using the face massager to clean up the skin which actually cleans up the deep seated impurities of your skin properly and you can see the difference in a few weeks that how much it can minimize your pores.

  • Effect of the Environment-

Pollution, hectic lifestyle, sun damage, stress etc. all of this might lead to increase in the skin dead cells. As UV rays weaken the skin structure, pores begin to sag, which can be prevented by the use of SPF on a daily routine. You also need to incorporate some kind of relaxing habits and try to adequate amount of sleep and avoid smoking if you smoke since smoking is bad for everything even for your skin.

  • Acids-

A fact about pores is that they do not open and close they just get filled up by the dead skin cells which makes them appear enlarged. You can use an exfoliator which contains glycolic acid, salicylic acid, beta-hydroxy acid as these acids can work from the surface of the skin downwards to remove dead skin cells. The oriflame’s Ecollagen serum is one of the best products for exfoliation from my own personal experience.

  • Moisturize-

If your skin tends to be oily and get pores more than the normal then try and avoid using thick day creams as thick creams can clog the pores, instead of creams you can use light weight lotions or gels to moisturize. Most women skip moisturizing their skin if they have oily skin but never do that keep moisturizing your skin, the more hydrated your skin will be the more plumper your cells will be, reducing the pores and signs of akin ageing.

  • Camouflage –

Always apply a primer beneath your makeup to even out your skin tone and definitely to disguise pores. To get a smooth finish for your foundation apply the primer first.