That beautiful moment
when you see your name with *Him* on the
Wedding Card…..

Your heart skips a beat, You see a
flashback of whole story in front of
your eyes.
How this love story started, You
never thought – You never

Still it happened just because of a
And today it has reached its
Where I can see our dream
coming true, We are living every
moment which we thought of.

Sometimes I wonder was it so
easy to reach till here…..???

No, But his love his support made
it possible.
He made everything so smooth
that I didnt even realize when we
passed through all the tests that most of the relationships fail quite often…….

When today, people call us *Lucky
Couple * – I feel proud. But
actually it took a lot of efforts for
Us to reach till here.
I wont say it was easy but its
100% worth it.

Holding your partner’s hands
makes everything easy.
Looking yourself into his eyes,
Dreaming every beautiful Dream.
And you can see tears playing on
his cheeks while he expresses his

At that very moment;

You feel Magic,
You feel Love,
And your heart says;
Yes, Miracles Do Happens……❤😘

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