Just by reading the title first thing that strikes your mind is you’re Mother! The Ultimate Gift given by God to every child on this earth! But now a days a mother has to face so much of pain in her life! Firstly the pain while giving birth to a new life which not really a pain for her! Then the pain given by her husband who cheats on her while she is carrying his baby in her womb!

This story a mother was cheated by her husband! She was a beautiful and kind lady! Her husband started cheating her when she was pregnant with her second child! He was harsh, insane and a psycho man! There first child was a cute baby girl! When he came to know second child in her womb was also a baby girl! The lust of having a boy made him so blind that he cheated on his wife and had an illegitimate baby boy! When his wife came to about this she was broken! She couldn’t bare this! Coldness domed upon her! Her throat dried her body went cold! She wanted to cry but couldn’t! But that shameless man proudly accepted about his illegitimate child and beat his wife who was going to be the mother of beautiful baby girl! Then that angel came into the world and changed her life!

The second lady left the town with his illegitimate child and never came back! But it left an unhealed wound in the heart of that mother for lifetime! And the worst part is her husband blamed her for everything that happened! How anyone could be so inhuman and shameless? But that mother of two lovely daughters never gave up! She stayed with that man for 27 years listening to his lies and rude words and all the blames just for the sake of her daughters! You must be thinking “Why she stayed with such a man? Why she suffered so much??

The reason behind it was she had no family support nor she was much educated to be a single mother and take responsibility of both daughters! She waited for the right! She gave her daughter’s Best Education that she never got! Made them independent and those daughter who everyone thought was her weakness become her strength! They fought for their mother and took revenge for each and everything he did to their mother and send him behind the bars! And finally her patience beard fruit! They gave their mother love, affection and respect she always wanted!

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