Mundas Tribe Of India

 Mundas are probably the first of the Adivasis to resist colonialism and they revolt repeatedly over agrarian issues.

They are strong believer of god. In their tribal stories, ocean fly in sky as birds, mountains swim in Water as fish, animals speaks as humans and stars grow like plants. They believe that stars, mountains, trees, animals and birds became angry, sad and happy. . . . they believe in  hallucination. . . .

Contribution of Mundas tribe in social development. . . .

IMG_20160415_211544Bursa Munda, a freedom fighter in the Indian Independence Struggle, belonged to Munda tribe  that is primarily  found in Jharakhand. He was the key leader who led the struggle movements in tribal belt of Bihar and Jharkhand. He was caught by Britishers at age of 25 and died in the jail at Ranchi in 1900. He was hounered by government of India and is the only tribal leader who portraits hangs in the central hall of the Indian parliament.

Mundas has its own song to celebrate both of baby . . .

“My mother, the sun rose
A son was born.
My mother, the moon rose
A daughter is born.

The son was born
The cowshed was depleted;
A daughter was born
The cowshed filled up “

IMG_20160415_211536Many centuries and rituals of the Mundas are associated with burn, death and marriage. they have  close harmony with nature. They relates their every event with nature. In Mundas daughter are considered more precious then son. This is because in Munda society, women have a dominant role to play in various economic, social and rituals activities.

We should teach the importance of women from Mundas, they are illiterate but know the value of women for society. . . . . . . . . . . .