Music is my life, my life is lyrical.

Tough at times, but not cynical.

Driving force of my life;

Makes me feel alive.

Brings me closer to divinity

With passion and insanity.


When the tone is high,

It raises me above.

When the tone is low,

It works as a herb.

When the tune is soft,

It is calm like the moon.

When melody tunes in,

It is the breezy kissing boon.


Sparkles my mind.

Enlightens my soul.

Takes me into another world,

Where I can dive-in and stroll.

Cannot imagine without music

How my life would have turned!

Plain like Jane.

With just dusk and dawn.


Cannot thank God enough for this beautiful blessing.

Indebted to him through my prayers and addressing.

Music is my life, my life is lyrical.

Biblical, whimsical and truly magical.



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