My Empty Room

My room, it’s your buddy man, Haha you tend to forget our memories. No matter it’s been a year but that doesn’t mean you are not mine, Just as the sun can’t stop shining, Just as the wind won’t stop blowing, Such is our relation, As tough as the bones are attached.

What’s up with you these days. How are these empty nights going on man. I missed you so much. I saw one of our old snap. I saw you in my background. I tried to get into the picture but I couldn’t. You know these cell phones they didn’t allow me to move in. Kinda rivals.  Leave it. How’s my stuff overe there . Buddy, i am talking about stuff. Ahaaa. Let’s not talk about that.

It’s between you and me.. I was thinking if i could enlighten you mire. But goddamn money. Let me have some earnings,  No matter how adorable the Eiffel Tower is, I’ll shape you as the newly wedded bride. Sounds kinda funny. Let’s just give you a surprise next month. Will be there to meet you. Will be there to be with you again. To play on some games of ours. Love you Man.