Those days when
When the bed tried to keep me close
And I struggled through the temperature
A few cosy hands were always there for me
To fight the illness.

“Shriya moja pehen. “, said Ankita.
“Shriya tu so, main tel garam kar ke lati hu… pair pe lga dungi. ” , always said Swati with the pan and bottle of mustard oil in the hand.
“Shriya phone rakh. ” , scolded Madhu.
“Shriya kambal odh ache se. “, said Laina very sweetly.

But today when I am alone in the room
With same struggle.
No one is there to scold me or love me or take care of me.
The immense love and care is being missed.

No one to feed me with those tasteless soups.
And no one to scold me , “Muh bandh kar ke chup chap khale. Nahi toh maar padegi kamini. .”

All those little things are missed
When we complete 4 years of friendship
And all of us are kissing sky of success

In different places.
A drop of tear slipped
And memories stayed forever.