As the new year comes, everyone of us will make a list of resolutions of Dos and Dont’s. But by default, no one will try to adapt it sincerely right..

    Mostly the resolutions will be like, 1. I should attend the gym regularly. 2. I should have a healthy diet.      And So on…..

From now let us set the trend and make a change in setting our resolution this year.

*Let us adapt to be altruist in nature: Yes this year let us be an altruistic individual and let us give more and take less and most probably let us try not to expect anything from others.

*Let us be mindful to Ourself: From this year let us all try to work to be cognizant on to the things that we take upon.  Being mindful means knowing how to spend our day in the way we love,

             because every one of us has same 24 hours but some use it wisely, and some use it in vain.

   From now let us not repeat the same mistake, indeed let us use the time in the way we love. Right from now daily before going to bed let us ask to ourself “what did I learn today?” & ”Did I do anything in rising my step nearer to my goal?”

*Let us all laugh much: Yes you heard right. Let us laugh very loud, and friends do you know one thing according to facial experts ‘laughing a day will keep the beauty parlours away’ …

It means by laughing daily in 24*7 hours and 365 days will make us look more beautiful without using any cosmetics. So why late just let us start laughing even at our negative thoughts.

*Let us try to eliminate: Friends from now let us try very hard to remove all the negative thoughts and people from our life and make our life much better.

*Let us try to follow our own discipline: Friends here discipline doesn’t mean to wake up early in the morning and all spook. Here what I mean is let us follow our own timetable in reaching our goal. Whatever may be the time format we set but at the end our ultimate vision is that we reach our goal. Just be you and yourself.

*Let us try to be in real-world: From now span let us all try to be more in real world than in virtual world like social media.

*Let us try to be friendlier: Right from now let us be more connected with the people and the world.

    And friends I think joining all the above into our to-do list will help us to lead a happier life.

 Friends laugh more, stress less, be happy and do not forget to keep smiling because all of us look more beautiful with a smile on our face.

 Friends wish you all a very happy and prosperous New year. May all your wishes come true. Take care.

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