We are twins of one soul
You chose Green, I chose white
It has got nothing to do with acrimonius haul

Time has given us wounds
Lets give time to heal
Let it not be two states bet
Rather two brothers appeal

You got betrayed
I got stabbed
But  this time let coalesce
Lets keep our hatred away
Lets same blood in our veins
do the  talking

Innocent Red  what i do have
Holy Red that you too have
Lets tears wipe it clean
Lets get absolved from our sin

You chose Green
Painted me Saffron
Its all to religion
Let colours do a paint

Witness a rainbow distant
Up above my sky
Up above your sky
Up above our sky

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From the Origin of time many rise and fall like winter weeds, My identity could not be revealed by anyone, My identity could only be revealed if you know me well. There isn't any great mystery about me. What I do is glamorous and has an awful lot of white-hot attention placed on it. But the actual work requires the same discipline and passion as any job you love doing, be it as a very good pipe fitter or a highly creative artist.


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