Engineering is not a game, where u can start again.

You make fun, I point a gun,
You may laugh, but I slap u hard.

Its not an easy chase,
It consists Newton’s web.

The nights are morning and the morning are nights ,
Lifestyle would change to a whole new style.

Lots of books and dozens of assignments,
Damn you mate, because it’s out of alignment.

Attending class for lots of hours, still we struggle for so called marks.

Professors are so damn roaring, listening them is all so boring.

You have to maintain attendance in class,
If you will not internals will blast.

Its not enough, its just a part,
Attending labs is the freakiest task.

Solving equations, doing assumptions.
Bunking class for just time pass.

Electronics engineering has another class, sitting in labs is all we have to ask.

8 semesters, and 45 subjects.
Passing them all is a grand success.

Every semester is just a new race, where we try hard to get some pace.

In the start of semester we think so hard, swear to study to get good marks.

Then I realized we are nothing but liars, having a goldflake is all we desire.

Drinks in nights and those brisky fights.
Usage of crass language is our pride.

Other than engineering I have learned many things,
4 years of experience has given me some wings.

On getting placed, i want to fly,
But going away will make me cry.

Change is just a law of nature,
And we are its living creatures .

Many things we have to leave behind .
Making everything fastly wind.

Mid finger salutation for those who mock us,
Without us your life may suck.