Lord Sun…

Your place speaks “Rugveda”

Your body is the origination of “Yajurveda”

Your blessed rays are filled with “Samaveda”

The mornings remind us of Lord “Brahma”

Mid noon is the shine of Lord “Maha Shiva”

Evening form an appearance of Lord “Vishnu”

You are totally the image of Lord Thrimurtha Avatara..

One can never, expect their life without his presence..

For he is the mean of starting our daily routine in time.

For suppose if he is late… we might as well die.

For we can’t bare his silence and also his violence.

Let us just thank him for making our life easy.


Om Adithyay vidmahe

        Sahasra kiranaya deemahi

        Tanno surya prachodayath..”

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