Even though I saw OK Jaanu on the 2nd day of it’s release, I did not want to write it’s review. For the simple reason that people probably don’t care by now. But then in the spirit of this movie I thought- “why not?” Because some people actually watched this movie and it didn’t help them. Here’s why-

If you feel like you’re zoning out, STOP right after getting the actual essence of my review for the movie. Which is – ‘This movie is a pathetic copy of another Mani Ratnam film – OK Kanmani.’

The people copying can never have the originality or the curiosity that the inventor possesses. Sadly, (and I hadn’t predicted this) not an ounce of originality disturbs this movie’s stupor; If anything, it only falls deeper into slumber, and even though Ok Jaanu had a (brilliant- if I may say so) foundation in the form of Ok Kanmani, it failed to grow or realize any potential. Adi and Tara were amazing characters to start with, and they managed to make an impression on our minds, thanks to the remarkable performance by Nitya and Dulquer in the original one. (You’ll only get this if you have seen the original) The way the society looks down upon ‘Live-In’ relationships, in itself, is a severe agony.

(Personally, I think I’ll never get married without getting into live-in first. You have to check the waters before taking a dive, you know.) Anyways, so now Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor go about gleefully in the scenes hoping to lure us in the name of remaking aka copying. They fail big time! See, it is very important for the makers to understand that when you are copying frame to frame, it is quite evident that the audience’s memory will rewind back and reminisce the original movie, and when you go on to give us this lukewarm and pointless frolicking, we reminisce even more.

The development of the lead characters were dug safe in a 10 feet deep hole in the backyard of OK Jaanu. So there was a scene in ‘OK Kanmani,’ where Tara was feeding the birds and all these pigeons then fly when Adi comes to her. Good enough! Now, in Ok jaanu we have the same scene but with Shraddha Kapoor sitting idle. And the pigeons fly in with Adi’s entrance. They fail to recognize the point of the scenes. And that just keeps happening again and again. In the last scene for instance- where they make Shraddha Kapoor run like a headless chicken is an overkill. Tara is supposed to be bold, sensible, independent and in that one scene they killed her, they made her look dumb and weak. (In dire need of common-sense).

In a scene where Adi tells Tara – “Now let’s not fight anymore,” makes sense in the original film. Not here. Here, it’s just words from the original script because there was no actual fight here. I feel Shraddha can’t fight believably just because she’s just too cute, that it’s quite natural that Aditya falls short of an incentive to get angry on her.

A very bad remake, I must say. OK Jaanu didn’t explore, or add any charm to OK Kanmani, let alone give any insight into live-in relationships. All it did was be shallow, skim, party, gloss over and feel stupid! Had they copied the original exactly, it would’ve still left scope for some quirky translations. Apparently, not.

“Fir kya karoge? Mein kiss karunga. Fir kya karoge? Kiss karta rahunga.” How sweet.

There might be some reason for you to watch this movie – Go figure. But it is a No Jaanu! for me. Thus it is a wrap-up from the critic on this side. And though I am one dimensionally dishing OK Jaanu, comparing it to OK Kanmani and not saying a word about the story line or stuff, it is because I want you to watch OK Kanmani (with subtitles). K!


  1. Loved OK Kanmani! 🙂 Haven’t watched this yet, though. Nithya was just amazing in the original!

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