Other Side Of Silence

She smiled
He smiled.
She held his hand
And he held hers.
Her eyes looked into his eyes
And his eyes looked into hers.
They didn’t speak a word.
Just stood still side by side.
Wind and the river water were playing among themselves.

But they didn’t.
They started walking by the river.
No words,
Just felt the warmth of each other’s touch.
Time was running.
She turned towards him,
Her eyes and his eyes were sharing their emotions.

They hugged, 
Their body got the message.
They kissed.
And the river washed it sands
With them as it was their last meeting.
They departed
And moved in two different directions.

Years passed,
But memories didn’t.
In two different worlds
Lived two incomplete souls.
Their worlds were full of new people
But their minds had only each other’s faces.
New mornings brought new things
But nights were full of old beautiful times.

Two hearts wanted to connect
But there was no contact.
Feelings wanted something
But the promise stopped.
Reunions were always incomplete.
Their smiling faces could hide their feelings
But in the smile something was missing.

Like every morning,
She woke up with the alarm.
Her mobile had a notification of a meeting
With an emerging leading entrepreneur
For her new article.

He woke up with the call of his secretary
Of a reminder to meet the head journalist of the leading newspaper.
Writing always reminded him about her.
He picked up the notepad
Which was full of feel notes given by her
On their last meeting.
He read it for the 17453th time.
He smiled and kept it again.

She got ready.
Picked up her bag,
Filled it with her notepad, water bottle, wallet
And of course her favourite pen
Which he gave it on their first date.
She kissed the pen and put it in the bag.
Took her car keys.
Locked the house
And drove to the assigned café of the meeting.

He got ready.
Picked his backpack,
Took his wallet and car keys.
And drove for the meeting.

She reached the café.
Ordered a cup of masala chai
And took out her notepad and her favorite pen.
He reached the café too.
Walked to the assigned table.
He saw a girl with specs
Keeping her head low and writing something.

He thought ‘must be the journalist’.
Went ahead and said, “Varun, the CEO of Shadow- the Chaya enterprise “.
She didn’t pick her head up
And made a gesture with hand saying to sit down.
He sat and ordered a cup of hot chocolate.
His voice seemed very known to her.

She looked up.
They faced each other.
The head journalist met the leading entrepreneur.
But there was nothing except silence.
Their eyes were shocked,
Their bodies stood still
And lips were shut.
Cup of masala chai and cup of hot chocolate
Were talking to each other .
Hot chocolate smiled at masala chai
For being ordered together again

After such a long time
But they were ordered by their once upon a time critics
And present time lovers.
Her notepad was empty
And her pen stood still.
His lips could not move
And his hand shivered.

Their eyes were doing the talking again.
In spite of the continuous murmurings in the café
Something was silent.
They couldn’t believe their eyes.
Her pen said everything to him.
His closed lips said everything to her.
They kept their visiting cards on the table.
His company’s name with her name spoke lot to her
And her sign with his initials on the visiting card said all to him.
Silently they walked away.
But this time their silence were talking to each other.

Visiting cards made them meet again,
This time river was again present.
Their presence was silent again.
They were walking again.
They ordered cup of hot chocolate and masala chai
In the near by café.
They smiled at each other.
They hugged.
They kissed again
And the silence broke
With hundreds of tears
And lots of untold feelings.
They reunited.