Our World


A True Friend

After last night you left, I miss you more.

The reminiscences of our world still linger in my memory.

The world where there was no difference in me and you.

A place where our imagination lived.

There were no worries, no tensions just us and our creations.

We lived our dreams and dreamt more.

Not a speck of sadness ever feared us.

The fountain you remember, beside which we used to sit for hours and just chat with each other.

And the old banyan over the meadows, I could still listen the beautiful sounds coming from all the creatures that lived there.

The goats still come to the grassland.

The rabbits still play over the meadow.

Do you remember the last time it rained, I danced with the peacocks.

And the camera, that you loved clicking so many beautiful pictures with.

At the night we slept on the cold green grass, below the night sky under uncountable stars.

Everything was so calm and soothing around. Felt like we were dreaming together.

Remember the cold breeze that drew a shiver across me and you just pulled of your sweater and kept it on my shoulder.

I smiled back, and then we walked towards our home hand in hand.

Remember the last time I cried I was not alone; I had your shoulder and the care of a friend.

Indeed we were dreaming, but they were the dreams to reality.

Our world was not just a world it was our whole life. It cannot be just expressed in a few sentences.

It’s a whole story to be written down on paper.

What could two partners share, more than true friendship!

We promised that we won’t let it lose its worth, but today as I look back the roads we strolled on together hand in hand are empty.

The birds, the animals are sad.

The ambience is not happy and gay but lost somewhere is silence.

Yes we made silence the source of energy for this world as we lived in each other’s silence.

But today that silence is killing the essence of our beautiful creation.

We share a relation that is way over than love and relationships and much more valued.

That’s what true friendship is all about.

We just need to give some time. Moving on is not a solution.

We created something and cannot let it just fall apart due to some stupid reason of feelings coming in way.

Will be waiting for you to return!

Yes I miss you more now.

……from a true friend.