Do you ever feel inspired and proud after watching a patriotic movie that depicts all the wars our brave soldiers have fought? Isn’t it a fascinating moment to look at different sides of military life? Yes, it is for sure! We all get goosebumps when we get to know about our forces and their bravery. It is a matter of great pride for all of us to have such experience. As we all admire it, I have a list of fun and struggles that every Fauji brat is familiar with in his or her life time.

  • The first thing about being a Fauji brat is that your dad didn’t pay any delivery charge for you. Yes! Because you were born in military hospital or command hospital, free of cost. This also means that you have no idea about the cost of any medicine that you consumed as long as your dad served; neither had you paid a single penny for any of your treatments.
  • For you, the most difficult question to answer is, “Where are you from?” because you have no idea whether you should tell about your native or the place you have come from. And to increase your nervousness, some random person will ask you if you remember them, which is even more difficult to answer. In this context, remembering all your friends you studied with in all the schools is a hectic task.
  • Shaktiman is not your super hero, but a super cool spacious truck that took you to and from school every day. It is comfortable than any other air conditioned car, and you feel like a boss when you get down from it.
  • You know only three schools, i.e. Kendriya Vidyalaya, The Air Force School, and Army Public School. You also know that students of Kendriya Vidyalaya are considered to be least civilized (and you feel proud of that), whereas the one from the Air Force School are the classiest one. Army Public School being the fusion of both, and anybody coming from private school is a rare species for you and you keep wondering about how they got into a military school. Also, you maintain two minutes of silence when somebody asks about the number of schools you have changed.
  • Ray Ban glasses and Milton water bottles are your birth right. Anybody using any other brand is an alien for you, and you can’t stop suggesting them to opt for these two.
  • You are a born champion when it comes to the game of Tambola, because any picnic is incomplete without this game. And you also know that you will get a boring gift which is of no use for you, but you play anyway.
  • You are always ready to adjust because you get only one temporary room when you go to a new place, and it is always fun. Your family is talented enough to adjust all the household items in just 2 or 3 large iron trunks. But, after you unpack them, these trunks are decorated with beautiful cushions made by your mother and it is better than any sofa set.
  • You make friends in nano seconds, and it takes forever to say goodbye to them while leaving the place. But you stay in touch anyhow, and tell them about your new friends in new place.
  • A “Mess” is not something for which you get scolding from your mom. It is a place where some of the most happening parties are organized and also the place from where you get plenty of snacks, food, and beverages for as long as you stay in a temporary room.
  • Watching a new movie, sitting in the cockpit of aircraft, cracker shows, parades, and air shows are never a big deal for you. Because, you get to see them for free on every now and then. In fact, you don’t have to worry about gym, sports club, swimming pool, children’s park, and walking area when you move to new place because everything is available inside the campus.
  • Mess bills attached with your dad’s pay slip at the end of every month demands you to prepare a genuine explanation. And you can always do away with it because it’s always lesser than your bill for one meal at a 3 star restaurant.
  • Air Force Wives Welfare Association or AFWWA (pronounced as “Afwah” – the Urdu word for rumour) is indeed full of “Afwah.” Your mom gets ready like a pageant queen for an AFWWA meeting every month, and you know you will get to hear one hell of gossips when she returns. AWWA and NWWA are ladies clubs for Army and Navy respectively. These clubs are meant to hear the issues faced by wives of military personnel living in that area, but somehow they never follow the purpose religiously.
  • Happiness is seeing your dad getting ready for office in his uniform, because that makes you feel so proud. You are on cloud nine when a junior salutes him with honor.
  • Your military ID card is a “do anything and get away with it” kind of card. And, remembering your dad’s service number is more important than remembering your roll number because you can tackle all your problems with these two things in your hand. You don’t have to pay toll, traffic police leaves you within two minutes, and you get access to any special area, just because you have military ID card.
  • Your table manners, hand shake, salute, and marching postures are always perfect. Particularly, you are famous for your handshakes because nobody does it like a Fauji brat.
  • Shopping is all about Canteen Store Department or CSD. Here, you get everything (trust me; everything means every single thing, be it a Kurkure packet or a microwave oven) at half price. And, you can easily brag about it in front of your civilian friends, and see them getting amazed like never before.
  • You are always a star amongst your cousins and friends because you are the one who arranges liquor for a booze party. And, nobody can do it as easily as you can, because your dad gets exotic drinks through his quota every month (at amazingly low cost obviously). Antiquity, Bacardy white rum, Black Dog whisky, and Kingfisher beer cans are something which you get to arrange in your shelves every month.
  • If you have not argued with military police for at least once in your life time, you have a long way to go to be called as Fauji brat. Debating skills and stage confidence should be in your blood.
  • Love story of any military brat can be described in one simple line, “Hum mile, Nazrein mili, Aur fir posting aa gayi.” You have to make sure that he or she is staying for at least two years before approaching your crush. Trust me! This is not procedure; this has become a custom.
  • The love for Border (movie) is incorporated in your veins. No matter how many times you have watched it; if it is scheduled for telecast, you cancel all your plans (even if you have exams). The dialogue, “Hum hi hum hain to kya hum hain, tum hi tum ho to kya tum ho”, gives you goosebump and you have a special hate list for people who don’t find it exciting.
  • You know your dad is in romantic mood when he sings “Aye mere watan ke logon.” And, you have the right to ask for extra passes to Mess Party.
  • You find it weird when you meet people who have never left their native place, and you can’t imagine yourself in that situation.
  • You never needed any alarm clock because that loud “Bigul” always woke you up at 6 AM. You can’t sleep in afternoon if there is a range firing, nor can you sleep at night if there is night flying. That’s the only time when you wished your dad should have not joined military.
  • You always wait for a section party or mess party because you can spend hours with your friends and have all the snacks and food you like. But, you know it is a Rum party (called as Rum Punch) when your dad dresses up for one without informing you and your mom.
  • Although, you have friendly dad who understands you, but at least once in your 20s he will ask you to prepare for NDA, CDS, or AFCAT. You know he wants you to join armed forces, be it as a doctor or flying officer. But, your mom always asks you (basically warns you along with some emotional blackmailing) to never become a pilot.  
  • You have no worries if you are posted to Southern part of India, because if it is military camp everyone will know Hindi. For any fauji brat, courteous behavior and manner-less attitude exists in parallel. And, people always praise you for welcoming them with joined hands and the word “Namaste Uncle/Aunty.”
  • Your dad’s rank suits better than ‘Mr.” before his name, and you feel proud of him irrespective of his designation. In this context, you can easily identify the rank just by looking at the shoulders.
  • Last but not the least! You are a Fauji brat if you prefer to live a military life in exchange of any other luxurious one. Moreover, being a Fauji brat is not just a certificate of arrogance, but also reflects that you are born to be tough and brave. Fauji brat is not a taunt for you; it is an honor that you cherish throughout your life.

Nothing to conclude after such a long post. But I am sure there will be at least 10 things that you admired while reading this, and you wished this list had some more points. This is dedicated to all the “Faujis” who dedicate a part of their life for our safety and security. And, without you we would have never got the privilege to call ourselves a “Fauji Brat.” Jai Hind!!  


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  1. The fun of living your teenage in an “High Security” establishment nicely elaborated by Ms. Akanksha!

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