A look in to the personal life of a girl who penned down all her feelings in a book which are left unexpressed by her……!


Pg no:1:- I met you in the college for the first time and it was an unforgettable moment in my life…really a strange feeling.


Pg no:2:- I like the way you spoke to me and really dont know what was the hidden  magic leading me towards you..


Pg no:3:- That was the day you proposed me…was an wonderful day where every minute was riding on a cycle and hours on a bullock cart..


Pg no:4:- I truly believed that you will be along with me in the journey of my life because I Love You..


Pg no:5:- I am almost ready to face and withstand with any type of situation because i strongly believe you will be there for me.


Pg no:6- That was my happiest birthday…i felt very happy as i had never experienced it before..and it was you who made me happy..thank you for that..


Pg no:-7 I am thank ful to God with my whole heart..for everything he had offered me with..


Pg no:-8 But days got changed and you even proved a human being cannot be constant on what they are…. You started ignoring me,started talking to other girls very closely by leaving me aside,showed porshly dressed up girls pic’s and said i can never be like them…

It’s ok i got changed with my dress style to show my love on you is greater than any other..


Pg no:-9 One day when you are moving away with your friend i asked you.what is the reason for this change in you…..

You went away by saying my friend is important to me than compared to you..

It’s ok …i thought you might be in some tension and i stayed calm..


Pg no:-10 You started showing religion variations which you didn’t mind at the time you proposed..

And you blocked me in social media sites where we can talk much more….by giving some reasons…

I thought to ask why to block and what would be such reason to do so with me when you didn’t do it to your other friends… But no..i was unable to ask..because i thought it may hurt you..


Pg no:-11 And now you are not even allowing me to talk..saying that when your and myn parents will not obey then why are you continuing still….

My answer to your question is…i can’t obey anyone to occupy your place in my life…because i love you and love you forever….and even i have belief to convince my parents…


Inspite of being hurted many times still i have same feelings alive on you because..

I love you and I love you…


May be im not that rich,not that porsh but I love you as no one can do it..

You should and will be first and last breathe of my life…

I even get a thought to suicide but i could not dare for that…because if i go away who will take care of you dear…i m here only to look after you…

Believe god is still alive in this world and make my Love successful..

Hope for a change in you and believe everything will be fine again…

And finally the name of the girl is Neeraja….

Yeah it’s me and it is my story…

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