There lived a grandmother in a family, and she used to pray always for well being of her family members. She used to pray in this way “Hey God! If you save my son from this disease i will come to your temple and offer something to you”.


So one day she prayed in this manner and as her son was out of danger she decided to go and offer her prayers to God in the temple. She said about her wish to her family members and everyone accepted with her decision.


That grandmother has a grandson and he was more excited with his grandmother’s decision. All set to their trip.


On their way to the temple the boy saw a old couple and children sleeping aside a road with no enough cloth covering their body, Seeing them boy asked his grandmother why they are like that in such a typical situation.


Grandmother replied saying that ‘they are in such situation because they had done many sins in their past life’ listening to this boy left silent.


They went to temple and his grandmother had offered her prayers as she wished and they returned back to their home.


Being back to home, boy said everyone in his family that he prayed to visit the temple again as he had made a wish to happen.


Then everyone asked him about his wish after asking many times boy replied by saying that ” I prayed not to visit the temple instead i prayed to offer some comfort to the old couple and the children whom we saw that day on our way to the temple “.


Everyone shocked and especially the grandmother knowing actual meaning of prayer.


Everyone prays for their own welfare but the meaning of a true prayer is wishing for well being of everyone, because if everyone are happy obviously we will be happy.