‘We say that slavery has vanished from India and we all are free to do things according to us, but this is not true. Slavery still exists, but now it applies only to women and its name is prostitution.’

I hope we all believe in freedom of expression. My opinion on prostitution is nothing new. It’s just the same as most feminists believe that prostitution or sexual slavery must end. Well is this really happening? Sadly I don’t think so. People actually think that it’s the women itself who choose to be prostitutes and encourage their beloved daughters, sisters to be prostitutes. There’s no prostitute who want their daughters to become prostitutes. Actually they are desperate to send their daughters to schools, so that daughters can enjoy their childhood, get education and get decent a job too. No prostitute would want their daughters to live the painful and terrible life they are living.
My main focus is on whether actually women want to get this job or the reality is somewhat or I should say far different?

PROSTITUTION: What is it? Is it just paid s*x? I think it is not paid s*x, it is forced s*x, it is R*pe. Andrea Dworkin was a prostitute. She knows what prostitution is. ‘Pros**tution in and of itself is an abuse of a woman’s body.’ Please read further. Prostitution is the use of a woman’s body for s*x by a man, he pays money, he does what he wants. The minute you move away from what it really is, you move away from prostitution into the world of ideas. You will feel better; you will have a better time; it is more fun; there is plenty to discuss, but you will be discussing ideas, not prostitution. Prostitution is not an idea. It is use of woman, by one man and then another and then another and then another and then another. That’s what it is.”

I ask you to think concretely about your own bodies used that same way a woman but a prostitute is used. How sexy is it? Is it fun? The people who defend prostitution and pornography want you to feel a kinky little thrill every time you think of something being stuck in a woman. I want you to feel the delicate tissues in her body that are being misused. I want you to feel what it feels like when it happens over and over and over and over and over and over and over again: because that is what prostitution is.”

You must be thinking now if this is so bad why there is a need to opt prostitution as a profession. Prostitution researchers’ say, ‘women are in legal prostitution for the same reason they are in illegal prostitution, a lack of alternative survival options.’ I won’t say women dont have other options but most women in prostitution did not make a choice to enter prostitution from among a range of other options. They did not decide they want to be prostitutes instead of doctors, engineers, lawyers, pilots. Instead their ‘options’ were more in the realm of how to get enough money to feed themselves and their children. If prostitution were really a choice it would not be those people with the fewest choices available to them who are disproportionately in prostitution. Such choices are better termed survival strategies. Prostitution is about not having a range of educational and job options to choose from. Most women in protiitution end up there only because other options are not available and doors to other options are closed completely.

People say prostituted women are into this job because they are earning a large amount of money from it but this number is extremely low. Prostitution is a route into poverty for most women. These women have to pay extortionate sums for rent and food. They have to pay those bitchy pimps inside and outside the brothels, yes even in the legal brothels. These women continually lie to their customers also when their customers ask them, “did you enjoy it?” The very edifice of prostitution is built on the lie that “women like it.” They lie because they do not have any other option but to live according to pimps. Even if a woman somehow survives from prostitution it took them years after leaving prostitution to acknowledge that prostitution wasn’t a free choice because they had to lie to themselves in order to survive.

Everyday women and even little girls are sold by their fathers, brothers, boyfriend, husband, neighbor, acquaintance. s*x trafficking has become a profession for people but who become the victims, who have to live that terrible life, who is abused physically after, who have to face all this. Why women are punished? Women in prostitution should not be punished for their own exploitation. The seller of s*x should be decriminalized. But governments should not decriminalize pimps, buyers, procurers, brothels or other s*x businesses.

That’s the life; it’s the game. It’s the life you live. And you buy into all of that, and you don’t understand that you’ve been victimized or brainwashed.” – Jenny Gaines

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