Pyar Ke Side Effects


If you’re in love, then in all likelihood you’re too whipped to realize some things. Here are some prominent effects of love.

1) Multi-Talented

Once you are in love, you end up being a psychologist, doctor, lover, guardian, parent and even a pillow for your mate.

2) Home bound

You incline to spend more time at home or with your partner rather than with friends. You favor the concept of You, Me or T.V.

3) Thinker

Suddenly you turn up into a thinker who imagines and thinks and thinks and only thinks about everything and practically about nothing.

4) PDA

You don’t give a **** about what people around think. You would practically love to show off in front of anyone and capture lost in your small world.

5) Shock

Relationship brings shock. You learn new things about your partner which can be cute as well as crude. Not to forget the amount of capital consumed.

6) Curse?

You will learn at least one curse to either curse your partner of the third party and ever known party poppers.

7) Cry

Relationship Without Fights are boring. You Cry, you hug, offer a shoulder and along with that you make your bond rich.

8) Telepathy

As presently as you are in a relationship you tend to learn this language. You Know each other so well that you might actually replace each other in material sense.

9) Speed dial

You know his or her number by heart, even so have kept it on speed dial. Whatever problem, one phone call can change the whole scenario.

10) Password!

You have each other’s Password and tend to utilize their account more than yours.

11) Adventure

You always wish for some drama, twist and Bollywood action in your own love story.