Ice creams are one thing that is a hit across all generations. This season especially, brings out all our cravings for cold things. We give you new and exciting flavours to try this summer:

Garlic Ice Cream –


With vanilla and honey blended with the natural taste of garlic, this combination appeals to many people.

Avocado Ice Cream –


This flavour is served with a dash of mint and sour cream. It gained serious popularity in New Orleans, its hometown.

Cheeseburger Ice Cream –

Cheeseburger-Ice Cream Cake

Everyone screams for cheeseburger Ice Cream!!! This amazing dish comprises of meat, cheese and sometimes, French fries. 

Pizza Ice Cream –

pizza ice cream

Junk food sure has become a favourite amongst Ice Cream makers. This one is a blend of fresh tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella.

Catching fire Ice Cream –

catching fire

Inspired by the Hunger Games trilogy, this one is a mix og oranges, strawberries and mangoes. Here’s the catch : it is served with a real scorpion above each cone.

Chai Ice Cream –


This flavour is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and cool as a cucumber on the outside. It comprises of real tea ingredients like cinnamon and nutmeg.

Thandai Ice Cream –

Thandai_ice cream

This Indian flavour becomes very popular during festivities like MahaShivratri. The natural flavour of the drink oozes from it.

Jellyfish Ice Cream –


This weird flavour uses jellyfish protein as the main ingredient. The coolest part is, when you take a bite, the Ice Cream glows. The not-so-cool part is that, it is probably the most expensive one ever, costing upto 200$ per scoop.

Whiskey Ice Cream –

whiskey ice cream

This flavour will help you satisfy a craving for liquor during a dry day.

Lobster Ice Cream –

lobster ice cream

Bill and Ben’s lobster Ice Cream debut raised quite a few controversies. People mainly bought to sample and taste it.

These new and exciting flavours are worth your time and taste buds.


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