Rains they came, 

      Pure drops of water

Fell on the ground,

       As the fragrance of the mud aroused.

Little Jhonny smiled,

       As the first drop fell on his nose.

As the roads got crammed,

        With traffic everywhere.

Peoples smile,

         Turned into a grumpy for a while.

Where as the children opened their umbrellas,

         And splashed water on their friends.

Frogs began to jump,

         Creeping every where.

While the farmers thanked God,

         And danced in happiness.

The sailors on the ship,

        Asked for a little help.

Rains they came,

        Making everyone fall sick.

People sitting by their windows,

        Watching the rain drop dip.

Sipping on their tea, munching on fritters,

        Everyones does love rain and thats what I feel.

As the sun went down and the moon came up,

        The rains dint seem to stop.

Thundering noises all night long,

        Kept the people awake in the dark.

While the sun was up,

       People bid adieu to the rain drops.

That day people,

       Really hoped for another rain fall.

While everyone got back on their work,

      They all forgot the smell of the mud.

Little Jhonny sat by the window,

       Wishing to see another rain fall.

While no rain drops fell that day,

     Everyone knew it had come to and end.

The rain did stopped that day,

      But never in the hearts of the people.

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