Rare Things About Our Country : India


The largest democracy of the world with the second largest population in the world, India has always been in the world news and gossip. Even though the perception of India by outsiders is varying from us, we know our motherland and her unique qualities. We bring to you some very rare known facts about this great land of ours which we are sure will startle you-

• Originally, India was just like Mumbai, an island.

• India’s army is the third largest and active army in the world, after USA and China.

• The largest gathering of people happens here, during the Kumbh Mela , a gathering so big that it is visible from space.

• You can find the highest number of mosques in India, more than any other Arab country.
• The number of births taking place in India every minute is higher than half the world’s countries’ population.
• The largest English speaking population resides here.

• One day of breathing Mumbai’s air is equivalent of smoking a 100 cigarettes.

• With no police station in this village, Shani Shingdapur in Maharashtra is one village where people have been living in houses without doors for years to come.

• Until 1968, India had monopoly over diamond mining.

• This country is the largest producer of milk and films in the world.

• KFC, McDonalds and Pizza Hut were compelled to open their very first vegetarian branch in the most-vegetarians populated country in the world.

• In her history of all these years, India has never attacked nor invaded any other country.

However bad and corrupt the situations be here, we owe a lot to this country. Jai Hind!