Writing is something that not everybody would be interested in, because sometimes speaking is easier than writing. Speaking helps us to express al that we have in our mind, with all the additive facial expressions, vocal tone variation, etc, but this facility is not available in writing. All that you want to say is supposed to be put in words. But, why is writing is so enjoyable for certain people?

Reason 1:

Writing – a stress buster

When a person can’t express everything of his/her personal life, writing comes to help him/her. Though they can’t tell every trouble that they are going through, they can create characters which go through the same problem that they are facing. This is one way, helps them to unload all they depression. Writing help them to put they emotion to words, which they rather can’t express in a normal conversation with a friend. It acts as a stress buster.

Reason -2:

Writing – an introvert’s best friend

For an introvert, life always revolves only around them. They don’t easily mingle with anyone, and therefore they are meant to be best friends of themselves. Now, writing comes as their best friend, and by writing, they could make their life beautiful. They can have a journal with them, and this would help them record every incident of their life. They could make writing as their best friend.

Reason -3:

Writing – does what reality can’t do

During a conversation, it is hard to make up stuff, and it won’t make others feel comfortable, especially, when they don’t want to listen to stories, but when a person writes, they can make anything and everything happen. They could make an elephant fly and a dog talk. It will help them put their imagination into action, and it will also help them to express their ideas. They could give a solution to all their problems in writing.

Reason -4:

Writing – a hobby

Writing is a wonderful hobby, that anybody could fall in love with. When we start to write, it widens our imaginative capacity and also helps us to improve our flair for the language. Writing helps us to improve our passion for the language and will mould us into a better person.

Writing is an art, and anything could be adapted with proper practice and encouragement. Writing is something which everyone would enjoy in their life.