Hello to the beautiful boys and girls out there! Today I am going to give a review on one of my favorite cosmetic products. We all are concerned about our skin. We often try various products. Some work some don’t. Various steps of taking care of your skin is cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing.  

One of my most important parts of these steps is toning and since I have a combination skin applying toner is a must. It closes the pores and thereby not letting dust or any other particle enter the skin through these pores. So, the toner that I use is Oriflame Optimals White Balancing toner. I bought it online from the site called Amazon India. It costs 300 INR. It contains 200 ml liquid.

It comes in a plastic inverted U shaped bottle. It has a nice fragrance.  It is very useful for normal to combination skin. It is applied after cleansing. It can be applied with the help of cotton. It should not be applied in the eye area. It contains various antioxidants. It helps keep away impurities. After regular application it minimizes appearance of larger pores! It further tightens the skin.

I can tell you by my own personal experience since I have been using it for two years. It is a recommendable product for normal to combination skin. It protects the skin. My skin has become radiant and is glowing. It is also not very expensive since you can use one bottle for two to three months depending upon how often you wash your face. It also gives a pleasant smell. Overall a must for the given skin type and highly recommended.