The news on the television, the messages popping up in whatsapp, the notifications from your social networking sites, a naadu called Thamizhnadu, all and full about Jallikattu!

Yes. Never has the whole country expected such a mass protest from the enraged people of Thamizhnadu for its need on the preservation of Thamizhian Culture and Tradition, the need for the ban on Bull Taming to be taken aback and the EFFECT OF STUDENT POWER after several decades that history has ever recorded.

We, thamizhans, from the initiation of civilization connecting with history of our ancestors have been respecting bulls and cows as Gods and Goddesses and they have been taken care of, as one among the family. Jallikattu, also known as Sallikattu is an event that is conducted on the third day of the harvest festival of Pongal with specific breed ofbulls ( Alambadi, Kangeyam,Pulikulam, Umbalachery, Baragur, Malaimadu) that have been raised with so much nutrition throughout the year and the strong bulls of the event are the ones that are made to breed with the country cows to produce A2 milk which is rich in protein while the others are used for agricultural purposes.

Will we hurt the bull that we raised for years?

Will we dare to use chilly powders on their eyes,on the beloved that we brought up or intoxicate them to just stay agitated to provide more entertainment to the audience during the event?

And these are the distracting questions that had been cooked up resulting in the ban of the sport but the issue behind it, is that, it is not done with the concern for the bulls but to ban the sport and make the breeds meet with the their extinction so as to begin the production and sale of A1 milk with the import of JERSY cows in the Thamizh land, the milk that makes its consumers prone to diabetes and other health hazards. More than quarter population of Thamizhnadu are vegetarians and the only source of protein they depend on is MILK and some clever minded people tried their hand to ban the bulls distracting this issue with Bull Taming but in reality, THEY HAVE UNLEASHED A MILLION LIONS FOR PROTEST.

As a Thamizhachi, I take very much pride to say that my brothers and sisters of the state are taking tremendous effort to protect our long living culture. So much enraged by the Government’s words, yet we follow the Gandhian Principle of ‘Ahimsa’.



The words of Bharathiyar, the world known Thamizh poet are now given life by the deeds of the thamizhians on the significance of preserving their tradition and culture.

Thousands and thousands of students, professionals, kids and old people have gathered round the streets screaming with the patriotism.Despite the enraged hearts, the phenomenon that is more embracing to be noted is the unity and the patience that we possess. Despite the variations in age and sex, we have gathered as one for the identity of a Thamizhan.

The women of the state have no fear to stay among men and protest late at night for they are taking care of us like their sisters and mothers providing proper food and facilitation with no fear of harassment.

It is more adorning that even kids have been reciting slogans of the renowned poets of Thamizhnadu depicting their need for Jallikattu and the Ban given by PETA and the other ordinances to be taken aback. It has been a week yet the energy level hasn’t gone down and its getting more stimulated with the love for our state every single day.

One last thing is that the people of the state have shown limelight to the whole world that, we,Thamizhians will never withdraw and will fight forever to the last drop of blood and sweat to save the dignity of our identity and the voices and the power of citizen will never rest until the game begins.

Never have our land betrayed us, so will we! For the tie of the land is more than the tie of the blood.

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