We were preached the ethical ways to lead our lives right from the days before we could even understand what our elders were trying to shove through our tender skulls. These ethics were established a long time ago when the humans (or homo sapiens for those biology nerds) had to live in a society for their own protection and welfare.

Now, not a single creature on earth would take any shit, beat someone or do some equally hurtful thing to another creature-except for trees and masochists of course. Eventually, people react to injustice. So, the untold rules stated to develop as they understood the need to behave in a particular way when living with a bunch of people.

As the society developed, the cultures and religions evolved and various sets of rules further developed. As you see now a days, all the belief systems ; all the shoulds and shouldn’t you hear, all the rights and wrongs you’re told ; are the results of those past experiences that had made their imprints on those sets of rules.


Most of the rules don’t apply to the current generation. But still the underdeveloped brains of people find them obligatory. This is where we need the open mindedness. We should be able to see past these rules and try to analyze the actual situation.

Many things that are right for someone are considered as wrong by some other people. So, what approach should be followed to make the correct (not right) decision?

How do people choose between something they love and someone that love? How did the people who are currently remembered for their greatness decided to make the correct decisions? What makes you a God and what makes you a good person? How do you choose between what you should do and what you want to do?

Many people act impulsively and make wrong decisions in their lives.A teenager who cannot see things clearly part the blinds of excitement is more likely to make wrong decisions. This is where rebellion comes into existence. Enjoyment and temporary fun is all they can think about. Their feelings go along these lines:-

I feel something so right,doing the wrong thing. (For the record, I didn’t write the line)

If someone can’t live with a decision they made in their life or if they regret a decision, then its a wrong decision. But the question persists. What is a right decision? And how to make a correct decision?

The answer lies in the opposite of the previous statement. That is:-

If someone can live with a decision made in their life or if they do not regret making that decision, then its a right decision.

Before you do anything in your life ask yourself-“will you be able to live with it? “and like that you’ll find the answer easily. So, if you have to choose between two best or two worst things, just ask,“will I be able to live with it?”.


Nothing else matters but your own thinking. Try to visualize your life after making a decision and get an insight of your future life. This question will help you set your priorities on life and keep you away from all the negative consequences that are sure to haunt you if you do a wrong thing.

Good luck!!

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