One of the most loved and talked about couple of Tollywood has finally got engaged on 29th January, 2017. Before the month of love started, these love birds Samantha Prabhu and Naga Chaitanya got engaged and decided to bring in more love and happiness in their lives.

The engagement ceremony was a private party which was attended by close friends and film industry members like Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu and others. Only Akkineni relatives and big Tollywood stars got the chance to bless the couple at the venue. The duo was also the most celebrated couple in the who would be hard to miss in any Tollywood bash.

So finally after Akhil (younger brother of Naga Chaitanya), the elder brother also decided to get engaged.

Samantha, the doll of Tollywood, looked like a doll on her engagement.  Look at these engagement pictures, how adorable and happy they look together.

She definitely looks like a princess in this off white and golden dress. And not to forget even Naga Chaitanya is looking handsome in blazer. Perfect match.

According to sources, Samantha gifted a sports bike to Naga Chaitanya as he loves to ride bikes.

The beauty of the engagement wasn’t just the glowing faces of family members, but also the choice of outfits of the main couple. The breathtakingly beautiful Samantha, who decked up in a white-and-gold saree has not just attracted several eyeballs but it also ranked her better than her love Chaitanya.

While the industry is raving about the angel looks and classy attire of Sam for the event, let us make you understand what more has gone into it. We know how much does Sam adores her costumer Neeraja Kona and her designs but it was Kesha Bajaj, a Mumbai-based designer, who worked on Samantha’s engagement ensemble.

The actress, who doesn’t shy away from posting personal moments on her Instagram account, shared a video depicting the sari’s intricacies and detailing. And to any fan’s delight, the couple’s personal moments were weaved into a gorgeous cream-shaded customized sari.

And they are finally engaged after dating for two years. The marriage date has not been confirmed yet since they have decided to wait until Akhil gets married.

Hoping the best for you, Love-Birds.


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