In the social jungle of human existence, there is no feeling of being alive without a sense of identity. It has been always said that men and women all are equal. There will be no gender discrimination but in reality this notion is very far from being true. The fiction that helped me to reflect questions on identity and discrimination is “Dil Bole Hadippa”. It is basically a comedy movie which has very beautifully shown the hidden reality of our Indian society. The movie very simply has shown that women have to change their identity again and again to get the same level of respect as men.

Women are always considered as subordinate on the grounds of the biological differences between men and women. The difference between men and women has been established in early childhood. They are trained differently in terms of behavior, games, dresses, education and so on. The greatest irony of the society is that masculinity is related with unemotional, independent, violent, aggressive, and self-centered and that characteristics belonged to men according to so called society Although there are plenty of examples which shows women are also masculine but all the qualities of masculinity are belonged to men no matter who shows them. The best example is ‘Khoob ladi mardani, woh to Jhansi wali rani thi’. Bravery is seen as a masculine virtue no matter how many women may display it or how few men. More over the characteristics belonged to women according to so called society are sensitive, shy, emotional, dependent and the most funny thing is if a man who expresses sorrow publically by crying he would be humiliated by the taunt ‘Auraton jaise ro rhe ho’.

Gender based discrimination is so common in almost every field today whether Politics, education, health care practices, working premises, sports and so on. The sad reality is that if women try to fight against such gender discrimination they are suppressed, threatened, and sometimes killed. The fiction helped me a lot to feel the reality of the society. The fiction is basically a story on cricket where “Rani Mukherjee” named as “veera” in the fiction wanted to play cricket for her village but as there was no women cricket team so she decided to play in men’s team, but at the time of selection of the team she was not allowed to enter the ground because she is a woman. Veera was far better player than the men of her village and has shown that many times, but she was threatened that if she tries to enter the ground she will face the consequences. The irony in the fiction has been shown immediately when some devotees carrying the statue of goddess went from their and everyone wants to get the blessings. How sad is that people worship goddess and kill women.

Identity is something which is very crucial for everyone. The cruel reality is that women have to change their identity to show that they are not weak and suppressed and equal to men. Women always have to prove their capabilities. This male dominating society is so egoistic and fearless that they even don’t allow women to compete and if they allowed them, they will not fight under same conditions. Women are always considered to be one who has no right for education and has to spend their entire life in the four walls. Women are considered as only object and their work and sacrifice never appreciated.

Menstruation is certainly one feature associated with the female body. If suddenly men could menstruate and women could not, then menstruation would become enviable, boast-worthy and masculine event. Military men, right-wing politicians and religious fundamentalists would cite menstruation as proof that only men could serve in the army. Clean and plentiful public toilets and inexpensive and easily accessible sanitary napkins would make monthly periods for most women simply routine.

In Olympics 1936 fastest woman in the world “Polish sprinter Stella Walsh” was defeated by American “Helen Stephens” and immediately people raised the question because according to so called society women can’t run fast and later on a very funny thing was found that “Stella Walsh was Male” and “Helen Stephen was female”. The success of women is never accepted at the first time.

The fiction shows that a Veera has to change herself and to show her supremacy and her love for the game and county she has to become a male. The fiction in a very light and comedy manner has given a great lesson to the society and given a message to media and government that gender discrimination is still at peak level in the society. It is very surprising that males require mother, sister, wife, even a female friend but even then female infanticide and female feticide is very high in India.

I think if an individual has to change his or her gender then individual’s self respect is over. Suppose if a muscular man having good health, mustache and everything that man should have but if he has to dress like female then his self respect and respect in the society is over, that is the situation which Veera in the fiction has to face she has to change herself in male, she has to kill her self-respect.

The situation of female although has changed but it is still far behind from being equality in men and women. Now, there is no more situations where female role is also played by men. It reminds me of the situation where “Mavelikkara Ponnamma” a Malayalam theatre first female actor who had to go to “Velukkutty” to get the tips of how to play a female role of “Vasavadutta” in the play “Karuna”. How sad is that a woman has to get tips to play the role of female.

Veera plays the whole match as male and helps India to win the match. Everyone even from opposite side people are appreciating her performance, commitment, passion, and love for the game and country up to that point when they don’t know that she is a female. After the match when Veera revealed her true identity everyone starts saying woman can’t play with us that’s cheating, no doubt they reflect true situation of the society women are not allowed to compete with men because if men loose then his ego will be hurted. But the speech after the match by Veera challenged all those individual who says women are weaker than men and they can’t compete with them. Women have proved them again and again in every field whether we talk about Sunita Williams who is an astronaut, great tennis player Saniya Mirza, great fighter Rani Laxmi Bai, Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and many others who showed that how much this male dominating society try to suppress women but they can’t suppress their capabilities and their talent.

Everyone asks the question from women when they stand face to face with men but nobody answers why they are asking this stupid question. Men and women both are the creatures created by God, both are essential for each other then who are we to discriminate, who are we to suppress women? Suppose a day when there are no women in this world how this world will look like? Think about at once, twice, thrice…!!! Women are superior they can do everything which a man can do then why this discrimination. We have to accept the reality, their talent and their capabilities. This fiction “Dil Bole Hadippa” has helped me to understand that women deserve all those which a man does. She is a women and she is not weak!!!

Respect women, respect society even respect yourself.

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