Yes, you heard it right. She acts in a vague manner, yes she is mad but I can’t stop loving her. Yes she makes me half mad but I can’t stop missing. Her unpredictable mood, her angry vibes frightens me.

Yeah, you heard it right she is mad but I am in love with her. I don’t want to talk like tone boost up my love for her. It might strange to you my audience but this always makes fall for her.


I thought we won’t talk, I thought, I won’t miss her. But what about the sparkle of her naughtiness that tend to giggle me every now and then. Every day in the morning,  every night in the evening. It’s irresistible.


She owns my soul my soul. Her madness makes me her fan. Her naught actions fall me for her. Yeah you heard it right she is mad but I lover her.