Shows To Watch Out For


     HBO’s Major-3 return, April to see us off in a heavy TV-dose

Yeah Netflix! After what seemed a really long time, you do have some competition. Binge-watching had been the taste of the year, with some debut hits like Jessica Jones, Narcos, Sense8 (to name a few) that have only strengthened the already impressive list of shows into their follow-ups bought by the on-demand service providers. And this month HBO will ensure our traditional weekly tv-rituals are reinstated with three of its biggest attractions that would hit the screens after their respective season breaks and that too all on the same day, 24th of April –

Veep – The quintessential political improv-comedy will be back with its 5th season. And with GOP debates already heating up for the real White House, the timing of the season couldn’t have been any more impeccable. With lead characters Selina Meyer and Bill O’Brien tied up in the Presidential race, all bets will be off on where the show runners will take this ride to.


Silicon Valley our not-so-friendly-but-non-smoking-fat-positive-dog-friendly neighbourhood startup Pied Piper will return with a major executive overhaul eminent now with Richard (Thomas Middleditch) removed. The quirky tech parody has become a favorite in the real tech sphere too, with reports of Ex-Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joining the creation team as consultant making rounds last month, the show is ready to rocket-up from the great platform it built in its previous two runs. Some Synergy, Bitches!

silicon valley

Game of Thrones  and finally, the pièce de résistance. After an entire year of endless speculations, we will have our answers to the fate of the freakishly glorious Jon Snow. The teasers have only worsened our already weak patience, something that gave the show a rather unwanted record of the most illegally downloaded show. But one thing is guaranteed, no life in the Westeros and the beyond will remain the same. The Winter is coming, and so are the dead!


*P.S.- Indian viewers might have to wait a couple more days to catch up with the broadcast.