Silence is Better : Peer Pressure

With pounding heart Raavi inserts the duplicate keys in the drawer and opens it. She looks left and right in the empty office before grasping the bundle of money with trembling hands, and shoves them into her purse. Her literal crime-in-partner or so-called best friend, Richa pokes her head in the office and tells her to hurry up before the Manager arrives. They both leave the premises and then settle in their respective cubicles. During lunch Richa asks her for the bag.

“Whoa! We will have fun in the club with this much money. Others will be so thrilled.”
Raavi nods at her friend’s words. Her hands are still quivering and there is sheen of sweat on her forehead. Calm down Raavi, its not the first time you did this, she muse to herself.

“Don’t be a looser now.” Richa giggles at her friend.

“What? Don’t tell me you are chickening out now? Don’t be an embarrassment.” Richa cuts her sentence with a patronizing tone.

Even though Raavi knows its wrong she remains mute. It is nothing new. She has succumbed to peer pressure again. Shame fills her whole body but she does not want to loose her friends and comfortable lifestyle, which could not be covered by the meager earning from her job. She knows its better to keep quiet but in the heart of hearts, the guilt and dishonor is overwhelming her. She ignores those emotions and flashes a charming smile to her friend.

Yes, her silence is better; it is more comfortable than being alone and poor. Even though the silence bleeds her morals, and injures her spirit; she keeps her mouth shut. It is achingly scorching, but she is used to it. This familiar ache is better than being victim of oddity and vex of others. So she shuts the lid on her values and beliefs, and remains silent.