The book by W. Clement stone The success system that never fails‘ was the book I found idling around a corner stack in my college library. I was looking for something to occupy myself to avoid the boring monotonous day that consisted string lectures as purgatory forchoosing engineering as a graduation degree.

As I was casually going through the pages, I found that the first chapter was very captivating. It had a story that went like this:-

A six years old, scared little boy selling newspaper on Chicago’s south side – which wasn’t an easy task – with older kids taking over the busy bus corner, yelling loudly, threatening him with clenched fists.

Hoelle’s restaurant was near the corner where he was trying to work. He was nervous and frightened, but he walked in the restaurant hurriedly and made a lucky sale at the first table itself. The diners at the second and third table bought the paper as well. When he started for the fourth, Mr. Hoelle pushed him out the front door.

He thought that he’d sold three papers.  He walked back in and called at the fourth table. Apparently the jovial customer liked his gumption and gave him an extra dime before Mr. Hoelle pushed him out once again.

Again he thought, he had sold four papers and got a ‘bonus’dime as well. He walked in again and started selling.  There was a lot of laughter. The customers were enjoying the show. One whispered loudly, “let him be”as Mr. Hoelle came towards him.

About five minutes later, he had sold all his papers.  Next evening he went back. Exasperated Mr. Hoelle threw his hands in defeat and exclaimed, “what’s the use!”.  Later they became great friends and he never had trouble selling papers again.

After years of struggle and success,  the author still remembered the catastrophe.

This is what he concluded :-

  1. He needed money. He’d borrowed money to buy the newspapers to sell them. He couldn’t even read them. He had to save himself from the loss.

Thus,  he had the necessary inspiration to action.

  1. After selling three papers He went back in, even though he knew he might be embarrassed and thrown out again. After three trips in restaurant he had the necessary technique for selling papers.

Thus, he gained the know how.

  1. He knew what to say from what he’d heard the older kids yell out from the headlines. He knew how to deliver it inside a restaurant in front of sophisticated people.

Thus, he possessed the requisite activity knowledge.

So,  as a gist of the story, just remember these phrases.

1.inspiration to action

  1. Know how
  2. Activity knowledge

are the necessary keys to success system.

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