Parents are the ones who know you best.

They are the most special people in your life, the first relation that you ever start. We all should be grateful for having our parents in our life. There are many who don’t have parents, and they can tell you a lot better why parents are so important in life.

They guide you, protect you, help you grow into an adult, make you capable so that you can face the world. They are the ones who support you in your dreams in each and every possible way they can. They are the one with whom you can share your every little secret which you can’t share with anybody else. You can have the safest life with them. They care for you in a loving way and sometimes, in an angry manner.

The luckiest person on this Earth is the one who has parents in his/her life. So, respect your parents, make them feel special every day. Don’t wait for an occasion to thank them or to respect them. As both of you have a limited life span! As we know, time waits for none, so utilize your time with them as much as you can.

Be with them, be their support in their old age, never let them feel alone. They have made you capable, now it’s your turn to give them the same respect, love, care and attention that is given to you by them. At least be there with them when they need you the most, and if you can’t, then your life is not worth it.

Parents are a special gem given by nature.

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