Winters… are back, cold days are back. While some prefer to plan an outing, there are few like me who likes to stay indoors.

But staying indoors sometime causes mental breakdown and boredom. But not to worry here I am sharing my tricks to avoid boredom and to entertain indoors.

  1. Creative side

Sitting idle is not that much good idea. So, bring your creative side these winters. Paint an empty canvas, create, decorate, design and arrange your things.


  1. Groove to beat

Staying indoors during winters allows you to listen to your favorite songs. Discover more music and keep the shuffle mode on.


  1. Reading

Curl up with your favorite piece of literature. Read and discover more novels, literature.




  1. Board games

Rediscover the child within you. Roll the dice and play board games with your family and friends.


  1. Online courses

Learning never dies or ends. There are several online courses and free tutorials which can help you to learn and discover without having to step out.

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