In my last article,you all got to know about who Alison is.

At the age of 16, for the first time she fell in love with her brother’s friend whose name was ‘Deepak’. She literally had a huge crush on him but he was senior to her. Alison was in 8th standard and Deepak was in 10th standard. They were studying in different schools. The only place they met was in the coaching class where they used to go.

Coaching class was the very first place were they met for the first time, but Alison was so shy that she couldn’t speak to him. Even when Deepak smiled to her while she was studying, she would blush so much that her cheeks would turn red like a tomato. But she do talk to Deepak’s brother, Sandeep, the youngest brother and Prakash,his elder brother, but Deepak was the oldest of them.

Everyone in the class got to knew that Alison had a crush on Deepak, but none had the guts to ask it with Alison as for them she was the only girl whose example was given to whole class by their teacher. And no one ever felt jealous about her cause they knew that who Alison was.

There was only one girl in the class who had the courage to ask Alison wether she really had a crush on Deepak or not. That person was Alison’s friend Yasmin. She was the other half of Alison but was the opposite of who Alison was and yet, they were best friends. Yasmin told her that she should tell about her feelings to Deepak but she was afraid to tell him because she thought that Deepak is not her type of person. It might not be love but a kind of attraction that Alison had towards him. With the help of Yasmin they both made a card for Deepak asking him if he too had same feeling for Alison as she did for him. They decided to give the card on the Valentine’s day to Deepak, but the card was given by Yasmin as Alison was shying away and everyone thought that it was all rumors what they had heard about Alison having a crush on Deepak.

But after reading the letter, the true news was out that it was Allison’s letter and not Yasmin’s, and that she just acted as an intermediate between them. When Deepak’s brothers got to know about all this, they were shocked and warned Alison that their brother Deepak was not good for her, and that she deserved someone better than him and nor did he give any importance to the relationship that Alison is accepting.

Everyone was waiting for Deepak’s reply, especially Alison. And the answer was “YES“. Yes, Deepak said that he too had same feeling for Alison as she had for him. But it never worked out as Alison never had the courage to talk to Deepak and nor did Alison want Yasmin to do the talking because she knew that Yasmin would be there to help her, but she didn’t know till what period she can take her help to talk to Deepak. One day or the other, she had to talk to him. And Deepak thought that he’d let Alison make the first move in the relationship,then he will make his move, but sadly the coaching class was getting shut down as the teacher who used to teach them was going to Chennai for a year.And every student wanted her to stay back In Delhi as they loved her so much.

As the classes were over, so was the relationship of Alison and Deepak. But in the end, no one cried as there was no move made by any of them. Everyone was shocked at how their relationship ended and no one had any regrets about it. For Alison, it was her final crush, whom she is never going to forget and neither will she forget the crazy stuff that she did for the first time.

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