Alison is trying to be open up with everyone for which she’s trying her best to communicate with others. By communicating she some how gets the idea that it’s not at all difficult as she thought, but when it comes to DEEPAK she can’t nor do she could think about it.
As for now ALISON has moved forward in her life and had left behind all her feelings that she was having for Deepak…but destiny wanted something else, one day Alison’s younger brother gave her Deepak’s number, which he gave.

First she didn’t believed it as Deepak never gave his number and nor do he knew much about Alison. Without thinking of the consequences she straight away messaged him and slowly slowly they started exchanging text, she used to just text him some silly jokes and never had the courage to say HI ! to him or never tried to communicate with him in messages.

About which Deepak just said to her, ” it would be better if you start to communicate with me, rather than just sending me some silly messages “. But still she was just trying to communicate with him, which didn’t worked out well.

But then suddenly one fine day she receives a message from a stranger, whose name was Nishant, whom she didn’t knew and never had even heard his name and when questioned that from where did he got her number. She was told that she was the one who texted her, which she believed and turned out to be one of the mistake of her life.

And when she was inquiring about NISHANT all she got to knew was all good about him and the people who told her about Nishant were all new to her and yet still she believed them.

Instead of asking  her friends she trusted her new friends which was her second mistake that was being made by her, even though her conscious were saying that’s it’s wrong but still she didn’t trusted her own conscious.

After coming of Nishant in her life she started giving her more time and she had completely forgotten that she used to have a crush on Deepak.

After a few days everyone got to knew about the relationship think between Alison and  Deepak and then their were people coming up to her and saying all the true sides regarding Deepak even his own brothers came up to her saying that ” you deserve someone better because he’s not the guy you’re looking for “after hearing all this she was trying to get away from him and by the same time she was coming closer to Nishant. And when Nishant got to knew that she had left him, he was the one who was glad to knew about it because from starting only she had an eye on her. And Nishant made such good impression on her that even if he’s lying she would believe it. They even started exchanging letters also among them… I knewit’s wired and  all it feels like you are watching some kind of 90’s movie. They used to give letter to each other through one of their common friend, but they never met each other and nor do they had seen each other.

But they just planned out a date in which they would go, they thought that it would be working well but it didn’t as Alison had never gone out on her own but for her first date she went all alone from her home to GREEN PARK just to meet him but unfortunately she lost her way to her destination and some how she managed to meet him, but still after meeting him she couldn’t say a word to him…and never knew that now they both are in relationship with each other.

Everything was going well until Alison’s friends find out that she’s dating whom The guy whom she hardly knew and when questioned by all her friends she confessed the truth about her relationship and her friends showed her the real face of the guy whom she’s dating.

This time she was heart broken because she trusted him blindly and she thought that whatever Nishant was saying to him was all true but it was all false he lied to her and he was double dating her, she did wanted to take her revenge from him but she couldn’t because all this was something new to her and all just to her was in a sudden phase nor do she had a moment to think about it.
On that day she promised to herself if she’s going in a relationship with someone else, she would take opinions from other people regarding it.