“Hey hi, new admission in school? I am Prateek”

It was my first day in school, and looked like I already had a fan following. Prateek was my first friend in school. He looked like those typical nerds who had fat glasses with oiled hair. Not being judgemental, but he was a nice person from heart and that is what mattered the most.   

“I am Sasha, nice to meet you”. Was my reply. That day he showed me around, made me try some punjabi food, oh how I still remember that! Made me meet new people, new friends. I already felt like I knew so much about this place. 

Over the next few days I kept making new friends, kept visiting new places. Prateek would often tag along with me to my house to teach me maths. My mom had already started loving him. “Look at him and look at yourself” was the first thing she said after meeting him. Did I mention he was dating Somya? Somya Khurana, the hottest girl in school. People actually wondered that what a girl like her was doing with a boy like him. I think they were the “perfect couple”. He was smart and intelligent and she was pretty with no brains. 

It was the math lecture going on when the mam shouted “Rohan, Rohan Shukla, yes you stand up” pointing at a boy sitting exactly opposite to me. Thats the first time I saw him. He was amazingly tall with a hairdo that only he could carry off. He stood up , answered Miss. Narayans question sat and glanced at me.

Later that night while talking to Somya, she said Rohan asked about me to her. I wondered was she telling the truth or did she catch me staring at him. She did tell the truth, he did ask about me. At school the next day I found a letter by him, saying he wanted to meet me. Such a despo , I thought ! But I had over heared that he was a nice guy and I fell for it. I met him and he was really nice. We met many times and he was my best friend in few blinks! 

He was there in my good and bad. I still remember every year on my birthdays he used to stand under my balcony and sing some Bollywood romantic song and I used go all “Awwww” over him. It felt like I was falling for him, but I dint knew what he felt, nor did I had the guts to ask him, I dint wanted to loose him as my friend. But I knew if I dint take any steps Ill have to loose him forever. And that day finally came.

School got over , I and Rohan still remained best of friends, I still remember him saying “will you attend my marriage” and I used to think “of course, Im going to be your wife!” We lost contact after few years. At times a though just passes by my mind and I think ‘does he miss me? Does he think about me’ and I feel helpless. I did ask my other friends about him but no has any clue about where did he disappear. Now I just wait here thinking about him!

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