Success from Failure

Winston Churchill once rightly said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without any loss in the spirit or level of enthusiasm.” Success comes to those who go looking for it. It doesn’t come to you just like that. You strive hard and keep determined, and success will embrace you, even when you might have lost all hopes of it.

The successful people we know today, whether it is JK Rowling or Spencer West, they all faced failures in their life. They were not successful in their first attempt. They had to face severe setbacks, several rejections and other atrocities before they got to a position they are not in. They may be the people of whom we think of absolute success, but believe me when I say that anyone can reach there, can occupy the top position they all are occupying right now. One just needs to believe in one self, be determined and be ready to face all problems and dilemmas that might occur, but with a steadfast determination and hope to succeed at any cost.

1.  JK Rowling wrote her first “Harry Potter” manuscript while she was getting divorced, on welfare, and living with her daughter in a small apartment. Her agent received nothing but rejections for almost a year. It was rejected by 12 different publishers before finding someone who offered her £2,500 for the UK publishing rights.

2. Spencer West’s legs were amputated below his pelvis when he was 5. He gets around all right; and he has never really seen his lack of legs as a barrier to living life. In 2011 he decided to redefine what was possible for him — by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, mostly on his hands. It took him 6 days. He did it under his own power: 80% on his hands, 20% in his chair (when the terrain permitted). On the last day, the friends climbing with him were struck with terrible altitude sickness. Looking back on that moment he said, “I wish I had legs that day. Because I would have picked those guys up and carried them one by one to the summit. But I couldn’t do that, so instead I got on my hands and said ‘Guys, let’s walk this together.’”

3. James Dyson made 5,126 failed vacuum prototypes over 15 years before hitting on the design that eventually became a success. Talk about a huge cost of success! Does he think any time was wasted? No. He says, “But I learned from each one. That’s how I came up with a solution. So I don’t mind failure.”

4.  At age 22, his business failed. The next year he ran for legislature and lost. So he started another business, which also failed. At 25 he ran for legislature again, this time he won. His girlfriend passed away the next year, leading to a decline in his mental health. Ultimately he had a nervous breakdown. Upon recovering he ran for 3 more elected offices, and was defeated each time. At 37 he was finally elected to Congress. Two years later he ran for Senate and lost. The next hear he was nominated as a vice-presidential candidate, and lost. At 49 he ran for Senate and lost. Finally, at age 51, Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of the United States.

If these people never gave up and had belief in themselves and their dreams, who are we to run away from your difficulties? Everyone in this world is born with problems: financial problems, mental/physical health problems, problems of every kind. What defines their success story is how they respond to the difficulties in life and how they break all norms of the mundane society to invent/discover something that just clicks, something that helps humanity prosper and helps us all to lead our lives in a simpler way.

People need not be in possession of some un-earthly power or intelligence to become a success. People just need to learn not to relent, not to let other’s doubts and abuses get in their way and believe that something great awaits them in this great journey of theirs. At first, it will hurt. It will take time, dedication, willpower and many sacrifices. But believe me when I say that when you reach your goal, there will nothing like it.

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