Suicide – Is that the only option ?


We have come across a number of suicide cases recently. The most recent is of ‘Balika Vadhu’ fame Pratyusha Banerjee. According to recent investigation, it came up that she committed suicide due to her bad relationship with her boyfriend. It is also said that she went bankrupt and this may also be a reason behind it. Another case of Rohith Vemula from Hyderabad, attracted too much of political attention.

Since a year, there is frequent news of farmers committing suicide in Maharashtra. The reason behind their suicide is that of drought like situations, low crop production and debts.

A question arises here, that is suicide the only option to get rid of all the problems you face? Is it the only option to get free from everything in life? No, it’s definitely a NO! You only get a life to live once, and suicide is definitely NOT the reason to end up.

Always remember that we have got just one life, only one chance to do all the things we can. Never ever waste this chance by committing suicide. Many people say that there are many problems in their lives and it drags them into depression, ultimately suicide is the only option left. My question here is ‘Who doesn’t have any?’ Every single person on the face of earth faces problems. Problems, firstly will depress you, but if you fight against it, you will surely find a solution and it will end up making you stronger.

Mahatma Gandhi, too tried to commit suicide by eating away poisonous seeds, but never had courage enough to do it. He said that it was not as easy to commit suicide as to contemplate it. Rather, he did go through the tough way, begging for forgiveness from his parents, and attained peace.

There are many cases of suicide before the exams, especially board exams. Students commit suicide since they have a thought that they aren’t prepared well for the exams, and will eventually fail. I understand that situation, since I have been through that phase of my life. But this is not a reason to commit suicide, what will happen at the most? You’ll fail; will have to face embarrassment in front of family and society, for a few months? But by committing suicide, you stop yourself from the second chance. The second chance to study well, achieve good grades, building your future and achieving your dreams.

Here’s advice to all the people who think about committing suicide or ever get thoughts about it. Always remember, that you have got a family behind you, who cares. Your parents, brothers, sisters, wife, children; directly or indirectly, are dependent on you for their happiness. You are somewhere the reason behind their smile.

Always give a thought that what will happen that smiles if you ever commit suicide. They will face hardships throughout their life due to one wrong decision, you took. Will there be a way, to bring back those smiling faces? Think about them, if not about your own.


  1. Quiting is never an option.
    If to choose any there are a lot more options.
    Keep it up Mr. Hawalchi 🙂

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